What is Deluge?Deluge

Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment, or Deluge, is an online scripting language that links 25+ products in the Zoho suite. It's a one-stop solution for performing actions and integrations across the suite. By minimizing the use of technical jargon and complex code, Deluge speaks your language.

Deluge - The user-friendly FaaSFaaS

Function as a Service, or FaaS, is a cloud offering that provides infrastructure for serverless development and deployment of application functionalities. It provides the middleware and other development tools to create powerful independent functions. This allows developers to upload chunks of code onto the cloud, which can then be scaled automatically.

How does Deluge fit the FaaS curve?

Prebuilt development framework

Prebuilt development framework

Nothing needs to be configured manually for scripting. Deluge starts running flawlessly as soon as you signup for a Zoho service. All the middleware-IDEs compilers, editors and security-are taken care off.

Information on the go

Information on the go

All data is stored on the cloud, which allows teams to work together over the internet, from any part of the world. This helps global projects hit the market quickly and eases the software development life cycle.

Deluge (vs) Traditional languages

That's not all—need more reasons why Deluge should be your go-to option going forward?

  • Elegant syntax

    Deluge, with its clear and natural syntax, makes it easier to convert complex logic into functional workflow. The intuitive editor lets you drag and drop syntax, and the guided scripting and code snippets let you skip syntax memorization altogether.

  • Powerful integrations

    Built-in wrappers save a ton of time by fetching data without writing lines of code set up APIs. The integration can then link a number of third-party applications to your Zoho service.

  • Security and Performance

    Our execution engine takes care of security and performance, which lets users focus on building highly efficient application functionalities.

Still looking for more?

Hear from some Deluge connoisseurs

Deluge is a very simple language and the feedback is very positive from the team. It saves us around 15-20 hours a month.

Andy Pearce, Managing Director, Almade Solutions Ltd.

Deluge is incredible in terms of how easy it is to learn. It's 10 times easier than the other programming languages out there.

Michael Volf, Training & IT Manager, Mistley Manor.

Deluge is extremely easy to read and understand. It helps me a lot in creating complex workflows for robust applications without having to remember the syntax.

Shreyas Savant, Founder and CEO, Business Scales.

It’s all about the numbers:

How Deluge is cementing its place in the developer community

1.1B +Number of Deluge statements written
195K + Number of Deluge developers
11.3M +Number of Deluge executions per day

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