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Zoho Invoice for Law Firms
Zoho Invoice is an award-winning cloud app designed to help law firms send, track, and manage their invoices.
Make your time count

Time tracking is available on the Zoho Invoice mobile applications for iOS and Android. Track your time for each project with Zoho Invoice so you can bill your clients for the hours spent.

Choose retainer or fixed fee

Collect payments in advance with Retainer Invoices from Zoho Invoice. Front-load your billing to match the way you plan and schedule your projects. Zoho Invoice also automatically tracks and reminds you to apply retainer credits to a client's invoice balance.

Work less, automate more

Recurring invoices can be customized for a fixed period of time or perpetual pay-in. No more sending invoices one at a time. Schedule recurring invoices and sit back as Zoho Invoice sends them out and automatically bills your clients.

Keep your sales and finance platforms in sync

A CRM software is vital for keeping client contracts, correspondences, and invoices centralized and accessible.  With Zoho CRM integration, manage contacts and sync financial data instantly to get a holistic view of each client on one page.

Build your brand

Enhance the look and feel of your invoices with Zoho's customizable templates. Zoho Invoice gives you complete freedom over your templates, so you can add a personal touch to your invoices.

Mobile Office

Enjoy uninterrupted access to your invoice data wherever you are. Take your data anywhere with Zoho Invoice mobile apps. If work takes you places, take work with you.


As a business law firm, efficiently logging, tracking and billing our most valuable asset-time-has been made so much easier with Zoho, which is a fraction of the cost of competitors.

- Sumsion Business Law. Provo, Utah