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  • How do you calculate "rows processed"?

    A row can be defined in the context of a dataset. In simple terms, a dataset consists of rows (records) and columns (fields). Each row in a dataset represents a set of related data and has the same structure. For example, in a dataset containing employee data, each "row" would represent a single employee record.

    In Zoho DataPrep, the total number of rows in your dataset that you import and the intermediate datasets created during the preparation process are counted towards "rows processed" for your plan. You can monitor the number of rows processed from the Manage Subscription page in DataPrep. The "rows processed" count is reset at the beginning of your billing cycle, every month.

  • What is a "scheduled data source" in Zoho DataPrep?

    A data source configured for import schedule is called a "scheduled data source". The number of scheduled data sources depends on your subscription plan. If a data import is scheduled from a distinct data source, it is counted as one scheduled data source irrespective of the number of schedules. Multiple datasets and disparate schedules can be set up for one data source type which will still be counted as one scheduled data source. Please click here for more information.

  • What is a "scheduled data destination" in Zoho DataPrep?

    A data destination configured for an export schedule is called a "scheduled data destination". The number of scheduled data destinations available depends on your subscription plan. If a data export is scheduled to a distinct export destination, it is counted as one scheduled data destination irrespective of the number of schedules. Multiple datasets and disparate schedules can be set up for one export destination and it will still be considered as one scheduled data destination. Please click here for more information.

  • Who is a "user" in Zoho DataPrep?

    Anyone who is added to your account is considered a "user" in Zoho DataPrep. They can create datasets, prepare data, set up pipelines, collaborate, and share data with others, and more based on their roles and permissions. A user is identified by their unique email address using which their Zoho DataPrep account was created.

    If you subscribe to a Zoho DataPrep plan for 3 users, you can add 2 other users. Now your Zoho DataPrep account has 3 users including yourself.

    Users can be in active or inactive state and only the active users who are invited to be a part of your organization are counted towards license. Please click here for more information.

  • How long is the trial period?

    15 days. If you wish to extend your evaluation period, please contact our support team.

  • How about support? Is it charged separately?

    We offer free technical support to all our customers. The support services offered vary based on the subscription plan purchased. Please refer to our Support plans page for more details. You can avail technical support through any of the following means:

    Post your queries in our user community forum

    Email us at

  • Do you offer professional services for developing data preparation solutions?

    Yes, we do. We also have a strong partner network who offer specific solutions. Please mail us at with your requirements, we will get back to you.

  • Is my data safe?

    Zoho takes the security of your data and information very seriously. We encrypt your data while transmitting to our servers and during storage. Zoho DataPrep strictly adheres to Zoho's data privacy policy and GDPR compliance. You can be assured that your data will remain confidential and secure. We have state of the art security practices in place which help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), network security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), people processes, and redundancy/business continuity plans.

    To know more, refer to our Security Practices, Policy & Infrastructure document.

  • Can I sign up for Free Plan or Trial and upgrade later?

    You can sign up for the Free plan or for the 15-day Trial offered for the Standard plan (10M rows). You can evaluate the product and see if it meets your requirements. If it does, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime. Your data will remain safe and will be retained fully on upgrade.

    Even if you do not upgrade to a paid plan, you can continue to enjoy the Free Plan.

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan anytime?

    Yes, Zoho DataPrep is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription anytime.

  • How can I purchase the Premium Support?

    Please register for the premium support from the support plans page.

What customers think of Zoho DataPrep

vecotr solutions using DataPrep to clean data

Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data.

Bob Sullivan JDDirector, Vector Solutions

We spend a lot of time writing and maintaining custom scripts to import data, fix errors and transform the data. Using Zoho DataPrep, we easily found the errors in the data and fixed them all from within the tool. We are now looking to eliminate manual scripts and use Zoho DataPrep to automate data preparation.

Claudio CabezaBusiness Development Director, Grupo Premo

Zoho DataPrep is a great tool for cleaning up data prior to importing it into Zoho Products. It helped reduce the time we spent migrating CRM data and third party Analytics data by 75 to 80%. It also significantly increased the number of rows that we were able to import and the accuracy of the data we were importing.

Dave staffuernode9, llc
Global Underground

Zoho DataPrep is an essential tool for our business. As a record label we deal with millions of micro-transactions across thousands of titles and hundreds of stores in dozens of territories. Zoho DataPrep gives us a deep dive into the data, enabling the creation of valuable analytics in seconds at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Andrew ArcherLabel Manager, Global Underground Limited

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