Predict your sales future.

You invest so much time trying to convert every lead or win every deal, without a sense of how close you are to success. If you had that functionality in your CRM, you’d know which leads are just a call away from converting or which deals are slipping away. With Zia’s predictions, you never have to guess. Zia scores and sorts your records into different focus groups, so you know how to treat every record. 

Zia’s numeric 8 ball.

​There’s no surefire way to know the exact outcome of a record. That’s why Zia learned probability. Zia scores your records as a percentage, calculated using win-behavior, the related sales activities, the responsiveness of the lead or prospect, and the time invested. As these scores change, you also understand which sales activity has an impact on your prediction score. 

Filter in to focus.

Use Zia’s Deal View and Advanced Filters to sort out records with similar patterns, scores, or activity. 

Zia shows what you're likely to win.

Based on Zia’s predictions, she creates a view that breaks up your deals into those which are likely to be won, lost, or those deals which could go either way. This Zia View shifts your focus to those records that need your urgent attention. 

Know where the action is.

Not all records move at the same pace. A deal that has been pending for ages might be on the verge of closing. A lead that you thought was a sure thing might be left unattended. Zia defines these records as “trending up” or “trending down,” depending on whether they’re becoming more likely to win or lose. Use the Advanced Filters to zero in on these records.