Sales leadership webinars

Life in sales is easier when you know how to win deals the right way. Zoho CRM is teaming up with professional sales experts to share their real-life experiences, ideas, and insights into how to develop your professional skills and ramp up your business revenue.

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  • Reza KamranSenior Director of Product Marketing, Intermedia

    Handling customer experience challenges for a new world order

    Learn from Reza on how various companies are changing their business models to enhance the customer experience and the evolution of CRM and business communications to enable companies to connect with their employees and customers.

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  • Viveka von RosenChief Visibility Officer Co-founder, Vengreso

    Guide the buyer's journey with quality content

    Learn from Viveka, how to develop quality content and follow the right sales process like the way the buyer wants or needs to be sold else you may end up producing bad leads or miss your sale.

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  • Mike AdamsCEO, The Story Leader

    Stories that differentiate you from the competition

    In this webinar, you'll learn about the two story types that will set your business apart and create mindshare for your company with the prospect—Success Stories and Insight Stories.

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  • Mike AdamsCEO, The Story Leader

    Using stories to build rapport

    In this webinar, Mike will share his theory of stories, and how to construct your own stories for building rapport and establishing authority.

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  • Scott WelleBest-selling Author & Founder of Outperform The Norm

    The 6 Pillars of Sales Persuasion

    Gain specific insights on how to make more sales, fine-tune your communication style, and show commitment in the sales cycle. In this webinar, you'll get an understanding of WHY people buy from you (or why not) and be equipped with the strategies to make as many sales as possible.

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  • Matthew SniffFounder & CEO, Map My Customers

    Outperform your competition in the field

    Engaging with prospects, offering solutions to business problems, and winning deals are aspects of the job that every salesperson should be familiar with. The question is— are you and your team being productive in field sales?

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  • Diane DarlingInternational Speaker & Expert Networker

    How to turn conference conversations into sales

    Diane will take you through her 5-step strategy for converting a random conversation at a conference into a loyal fan, strategic partner, or paying client.

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  • Diane DarlingInternational Speaker & Expert Networker

    5 ways to write emails that get answered

    Diane will show you how to write emails that get opened and answered. Discover how to avoid being "one of those people" who sends emails that get put in the "answer later" pile.

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  • Warren KnightDigital Transformation (DX) Strategist & Author, Think #Digital First

    How applying an online sales strategy wins you more business

    Warren will show you how to embrace a "digital first" mindset to help build brand awareness, market your business to your target audience, increase brand advocacy, and effectively focus your time on sales and customer retention.

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  • Warren KnightDigital Transformation (DX) Strategist & Author, Think #Digital First

    The power of social selling—converting visitors into brand advocates

    Warren Knight will take you through his 5-step online methodology for changing a visitor to a prospect and on to a repeat customer. As most prospects ignore cold outreach, learning how to effectively engage with them on social networks is a powerful tool for any salesperson.

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