Sales leadership webinars

Life in sales is easier when you know how to win deals the right way. Zoho CRM is teaming up with professional sales experts to share their real-life experiences, ideas, and insights into how to develop your professional skills and ramp up your business revenue.

How to turn conference conversations into sales

People are swamped with random emails, social outreach, and everyday distractions—learn how to cut through the noise and make a connection.

During this presentation, you'll discover

  • The top mistakes people make at conferences, and how to avoid them.
  • Why attending events makes sense—even for introverts.
  • How to turn a random conversation into a meaningful one that leads to business.
  • Why you should be prepared to ask the first question, and what that has to do with sales.
  • Tools, apps, and systems that streamline the sales process.

About Diane Darling

Diane Darling, is an international speaker, author, expert networker, and career coach. Author of The Networking Survival Guide, she's worked for organizations like 20th Century Fox, Fidelity Investments, Cisco, and even MIT Charm School (yes, that's a real thing!). She specializes in providing you with ways to gain the skills you need, and the strategy to implement them.