Sales leadership webinars

Life in sales is easier when you know how to win deals the right way. Zoho CRM is teaming up with professional sales experts to share their real-life experiences, ideas, and insights into how to develop your professional skills and ramp up your business revenue.

How to excel at sales, even if you hate people

The purpose of the talk is to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals become more comfortable attracting clients through relationship development.

During your time with Dave you'll discover:

●Five questions you can ask anyone to instantly start a business conversation and develop a bond.

●The one thing missing from every client attraction system you’ve been taught.

●How to eliminate cold calling forever and double your revenue.

●Three mistakes business pros make when they meet a new prospective client—and how to avoid them.

●When to use the most powerful phrase in business in order to deepen any relationship.

●And much, much more.

About David Lorenzo

He is a best-selling author, business strategy consultant, and sales expert who's built five highly successful businesses over the last 25 years. The founder of Valtimax® Consulting, Dave focuses on helping you increase revenue, make more money, and build incredible client loyalty with his 60 Second Sales System. As a speaker and consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies like Pfizer, Marriott, Textron, and IBM, he's on a mission to help you turn curious prospects into valuable clients with a ferocious, lifelong loyalty to your business.