Customization - An Overview

Every business has its unique set of needs and demands, thus Zoho CRM gives you the freedom to deploy CRM in a way that suits your business requirements. Since, one size does not fit all you can easily cater to your ever changing business landscape with our flexible and customizable CRM platform.


A company can have unique set of requirements depending on the business sector they address to. For example, an insurance company would deal with loans, insurance policies, accounts, document management and so on.

If they plan to use CRM for a more professional level of service, they would most likely create modules like policies, contracts or minutes of the meeting. As you can see, their requirement is very different from a typical CRM.


Though Zoho CRM is mainly designed for the sales sector, you can extensively customize it to match your needs. In this tutorial we will discuss in detail how you can customize your CRM account for three different business verticals:

  • The Educational sector
  • The Insurance sector
  • The Real estate sector