Billing Discount Approvals

Objective: Any discount above a certain percentage must be approved by the manager before processing.

  • Scenario
  • Configuration


The company gives a certain amount of discount on selected products. Sometimes customers purchase multiple products, which causes the total discount to be more than the allowed limit.

They want to automated the approval so that:

  • The quotes are sent to the direct manager and the product head for approval whenever the total discount amount is 40 percent or more.
  • Update the discount status to approved or rejected based on the approval status.
  • Send an email alert to the user who submitted the discount request.


Before configuring the approval process, ensure that the following requirements are addressed:

RequirementsWhen to use

A percent field in the Quotes module called "Discount Percent".

Values to be used in the rule criteria

Picklist field in the Quotes module:

Discount status

Values: Approved, Rejected

Values to be used in the rule criteria

Email templates

Approval and rejection of orders

Let us see how to configure approval process for this scenario.

Previous Scenario Configuration

Configure approval process

  • 1. Go to the CRM Setup > Process Management > Approval Process.
  • 2. Click + Add Approval Process.
  • 3. Fill in the following details:

    • Module: Quotes
    • Name: Discount
    • Description: Approval for discount above 40 percent.
    • When to Execute: Record Edit
  • 4. Click + Add Rule to this Process.
  • 5.Enter the following in the configuration page:

Rule Criteria

Discount status is ">= 40".

Criteria pattern

1 or 2

Who should approve?

Manager (the approval request will be sent to the submitter's immediate superior).

Assign task to approver

Verify the individual product cost and check if all the bills are attached.

Action after final approval

1. Send email notification to the submitter.

2. Update the discount status field to "Approved".

Action on rejection

1. Update the discount status field to "Rejected".

2. Send email notification to the submitter.

You have successfully configured approval process for billing discounts.