Team Collaboration Using Your CRM

Zoho CRM is a collaborative CRM built to facilitate communication with your customers as well as your own team. Help your team stay connected with realtime sales updates. Enable teams to add helpful context to their sales records, or connect your collaboration tools to share updates from one platform.  

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Use Feeds to keep your team in the loop

Keep your team updated through Feeds, where you can discuss deals, collaborate on ideas, and broadcast announcements. Talk about a sales pitch that worked for you, post updates on the big deals that everyone has their eyes on, and share helpful sales collateral. All of this is possible in Feeds—a centralized area for all of your internal CRM discussions.

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A central hub for sales announcements

Sales collaboration through chat

Zoho gives you the power to integrate your chat tools with your CRM. Create helpful Commands and Bots within your chat tools to pull up CRM records, reports, and analytics for easy sharing with your teammates. Send CRM lead approvals and reminders for events or calls on your chat tool and set up SalesSignals in CRM for new chat notifications. You can even automate sales updates to be sent in real time via chat so that your sales team can always stay effortlessly in sync with the rest of the teams in your organization.

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Collaborate via chat

Add notes to keep track of sales updates

Leave helpful notes on your sales records and activities. Not only will your sales reps have a recollection of the chain of events leading up to the sale, it also leaves a paper trail for anyone else who gets involved in the deal. Zoho CRM lets you record text and audio notes for every module, and even upload attachments to add as much context as you need to work.  

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Save sales context with notes

Start selling smarter, better and faster

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Tagging—teammates and keywords

Convenient tagging features make it easy to organize and collaborate on your records. You can tag another sales rep or a manager in your notes so that they get a notification that a deal or contact needs their attention. You can also use tags to mark different categories of records with specific labels that you can use to easily identify, search, sort, filter, and segment your records. For example, tagging records with the name of an event where you met them, so that you can easily pull up every record associated with that specific event in the future. 

Add tags to share records easily

Break up sales teams into performance groups

Zoho CRM allows you to assign different users into specialized groups to manage a set of common records. Groups can be united around a common purpose like team selling, team support, or event management. You can create different types of user groups and even share common records among multiple groups.

Use groups to keep in touch with the team sales groups
Project Management

Use CRM to work on projects together

When your sales team gets involved in several projects at once, productivity can end up taking a hit unless they're planned and managed efficiently. Integrate your project management system with your CRM, and assign your projects and any associated records to individual members of your sales team. Keeping your projects synced with your sales process in one comprehensive system allows you to manage your tasks more efficiently, saving valuable time and effort for your whole team.

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Collaborate on projects together

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We are seeing better collaboration across the business especially between Sales and Support and also in the efficiency of our marketing activities. We will soon progress towards improved financial management and the capacity to link sales activity to a more integrated financial outlook for the business.

Peter RasmussenGeneral Manager, Practical Systems

Seamless team collaboration leads to improved business.

Try our all-in-one CRM package which comes with in-depth project management features.

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