As a cloud collaboration platform, Zoho CRM has long been a pioneer of software as a service, even when on-premise software was the norm. Our philosophy is to make enterprise-grade software painless to use, no matter where you are. You don't need to worry about upgrades, infrastructure costs, implementation costs, or compatibility with platforms. All you need is an internet connection, and with a few clicks, your team will be up and running in no time.

Zoho CRM is the winner of pcmag business choice awards-2019 Zoho CRM is the winner of pcmag business choice awards-2019

"Zoho CRM’s highly-rated iOS and Android mobile apps received the maximum score of 8.5, with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics sharing the distant second place with a score of 6.6, closely followed by Oracle with 6.5. Zoho’s top score for mobile apps had the greatest margin among all other categories in the survey."

- PCMag Business Choice Awards 2019

Here's why Zoho CRM is the best choice
for your remote sales teams.

Conduct sales presentations and meetings, right from your CRM

Add presentations into your sales pitch. Zoho CRM integrates with a wide range of popular web meeting and conferencing applications including BlueJeans, GoToMeeting,, TeamViewer, Zoom Meeting, Cisco WebEx, Zoho Meeting, and more to allow salespeople to have real-time visual conversations with your prospects. Invite prospects to join your online presentations, webinars, or meetings, and replicate the experience of delivering a one-on-one proposal presentation.

Conduct sales presentations and meetings Invite your leads and contacts and track them

Streamline your team communication
with the free Zoho Cliq integration

Collaborate with your sales team to discuss sales strategies

Collaborate to accelerate your sales

Run your sales from your chat window. Create channels in Cliq to brainstorm, discuss sales strategies, and share information from Zoho CRM.

Collaborate with on-demand video conferencing

Video collaboration to keep up with your team

Make decisions faster together with audio and video calls. Get on a video call directly from the chat window and share your screen. Keep everyone on the same page, even on the go.

Conduct in-house seminars with PrimeTime

Working with remote teams just got easier

When your organization has teams going fully remote, you'll need to perfect your online team collaboration to stay on top of things. PrimeTime sessions are an ideal way to brainstorm, conduct in-house seminars, hold open houses, and more, when your team is spread out.

Make and attend calls away from the office

Dial contacts with a single click

Stop wasting time dialing phone numbers—make calls straight from Zoho CRM. While you're browsing your leads or contacts, just click the call icon to start a call.

Make calls right from CRM

Stay alert with call reminders

Between monitoring deals and handling tasks, it can be hard to keep track of every call you need to make. Zoho CRM let's you set reminders for upcoming calls and get notifications for missed ones.

Get reminders for upcoming and missed calls

Save time with automatic call logging

Automatic call logging makes manual data entry a thing of the past. Use the call pop-up window to add notes, create follow-up tasks, or assign the contact you spoke with to another rep.

Save call logs to CRM records

Keep track of your prospects,
wherever you are

Get real-time prospect alerts

Get notified immediately when someone visits your website, opens your email, or mentions your brand on social media. Do you have a new lead trying to contact you? SalesSignals alerts your team immediately, so you don't miss out on a sale.

Perform actions right from the notification

Bring context to your sales emails

SalesInbox intelligently organizes your emails into columns according to how you've set-up your CRM. For example, open deals, leads, contacts and colleagues. No more sifting through endless notifications and irrelevant emails.

SalesInbox segments and analyzes your emails

360-degree customer view

All your leads' emails, live chats, campaigns, events, social media posts, deals, and surveys are aggregated into a common timeline. This allows you to understand your customers' purchasing habits better, design better marketing campaigns, and engage in informed business decisions.

All your deals in one place All your surveys in one place All your leads contact details in one place

Get in-depth sales analytics on the go

Our robust Zoho CRM Analytics can help your sales reps and managers stay in control by giving them access to your Analytics dashboards on the go. Keep track of your KPIs, compare sales performance across teams, and turn your sales objectives into achievable targets.

Screen background yellow layer keep track of sales analytics where you are

Run your business from your phone
with Zoho CRM Mobile

Stay on top of your day's activities

Start your workday with a clear overview of your scheduled tasks, events, and calls. Set reminders for your activities, log calls, and capture the details of your conversations for further follow-ups.

Collaborate with your team

Post the status of your tasks, and keep your sales managers informed of your progress. Keeping decision makers informed of their teams' progress can help them guide their team with valuable insights at crucial deal stages.

Access key information offline

Zoho CRM's mobile app makes it easy to access data from anywhere, at any time. Add and modify customer information in real time, even when you're offline. Changes made offline will automatically sync across devices once you're connected to a network.

Mobile crm app for activity management Simple mobile crm for improved business relationships Manage pipeline from anywhere, even when offline

Zoho CRM works with the apps you love and use everyday

Zoho CRM can work in sync with over 200 business applications. Seamlessly integrate with apps that are specific to your business and let CRM speak your language.
Zoom, TeamViewer, Google Workspace, Outlook, Slack, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx Teams

Integrate Zoho CRM with 200+ business applications integration image addtional illustration

We run all our sales meetings via Zoom using the Pipeline Kanban as our key discussion agenda. All new leads have been automatically farmed out to the relevant salesperson via our slack integration. We have also now placed the sales dashboards on the executive teams home screen so we don’t need to have a our regular sales discussions. These initiatives have reduced the number of meetings we are now required to have due to the pandemic.

Our clients maintain a healthy pipeline and thanks to Zoho, we are able to work with them from any location. We recently completed a project from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) while using Zoho Meeting to have web conferences in Japan. All of this was important to us before the pandemic, and it's even more so now.

The sales and marketing teams at YPS have now been working from home for eight weeks, but remotely we’re more connected than ever thanks to Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM integrates smoothly with Microsoft Teams which we are using for virtual sales meetings and instant messaging whilst working from home. YPS would wholeheartedly recommend Zoho CRM to any business implementing remote working!

When it came to home working, our team adapted instantly. Every application we use is cloud-based including the Zoho suite, so working remotely wasn’t a stretch for us. Zoho facilitates that.

Peter Worn, Head of Strategic Relations, Enzumo.
Bobby Darnell,Principal, Construction Market Consultants.
Olivia Routledge,Marketing Manager, YPS Yorkshire Packing Systems.
Martin Pierce,CEO, Zahara Systems Pvt Ltd.
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Don't let distance, transportation, or any other disruptions create a barrier for your work.

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