Keep customer profiles accurate and in sync.

Give your productivity a big boost by getting the most relevant CRM data in tandem with your emails, tasks, and calendar. With Zoho CRM Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, keep all your data up-to-date and collaborate better.

Sales context in your inbox.

The more you know about your prospects and customers, the better your communication. Add all your customer emails from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM, and engage in conversations with a better context.

  • CRM context - Glance through previous notes, activity history, and information like deal size, closing date, or revenue earned. Know about your upcoming calls and future sales activities, and plan them accordingly.
  • All Email Conversations - View emails your team members have sent and received, and any of your customers' support tickets. View all the social media mentions made by your prospects, and carry the conversation forward.
  • Timeline - Get the gist of your leads' and contacts' activity history at a glance, and always keep your team members in the loop.

Select the contacts you want to sync.

Keep your CRM data accurate by choosing which contacts to sync from Microsoft Outlook. Don't worry about overpopulating your CRM with contacts who aren't customers.

Stay on top of your schedule.

To ensure regular follow-ups, it is important for a salesperson to have events and tasks frequently updated. The Zoho CRM plugin for Microsoft Outlook lets you stay on top of your schedule at all times.

Associate emails with CRM.

Wouldn't you work more efficiently if everything you did in your email client was captured and organized within your CRM system? Configure your account in Microsoft Outlook to receive both your incoming and outgoing emails in Zoho CRM, and have your conversations updated at all times. You can also upload all email attachments related to that specific lead or contact.