Build your sales team's roadmap to success

Building a standardized sales process based on your most effective sales strategies provides your company with a consistent roadmap to success. From lead creation to deal closure and everything in between, Zoho CRM can capture your organization's sales process and make sure everyone in your team follows the right process, even when you're not looking.

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  • Lead Scoring
  • Approval Process
  • Assignment Rules
  • Escalation Rules
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Build and implement scalable sales processes for your organization

Your organization might have several different sales processes in place—like deal closure, lead follow-up, order management, or your discount process. With Blueprints, you can capture every stage of these offline sales processes inside your CRM, and execute them in a systematic manner.

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Lead Scoring

Separate the buyers from the spyers

You generate a lot of leads from various sources—social media, surveys, website visits, walk-ins, and trade shows. But, how many of them are likely to make a sale? Zoho CRM's lead scoring system allows you to separate the buyers from the window shoppers by assigning a score to each of their interactions with your organization. All it takes is a glance at the list of scores to get an idea of your leads' buying intentions.

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Approval Process

Automate submission of records for approval

There are several instances in your business where your sales team needs approval from their senior managers—for example, pricing discount requests, contract review requests, capital expense approvals, vacation time approvals, and document approvals. Zoho CRM offers a dedicated approval management system running behind the scenes to standardize approval processes and save time by creating a dependable, repeatable system. 

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Start selling smarter, better and faster

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Assignment Rules

Put the right leads in the right hands

Your leads can often come from various sources—trade shows, adwords, websites, seminars, and marketing campaigns. Zoho CRM helps you filter through your leads based on various criteria like lead score, location, and source, and assign them to the right sales rep so they don't fall through the cracks.

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Escalation Rules

Escalate cases automatically when they meet your criteria

If cases aren't being solved quickly, Zoho CRM automatically escalates the overdue cases to the relevant manager or sales rep. You can configure a simple set of rules based on various criteria like priority, case name, or the time at which it was created to govern these actions and manage cases more efficiently. 

escalation rules in zoho crm
Review process

Verify and approve data being pushed into your CRM

The impact of your sales team depends on the quality of information they get from your CRM. Inaccurate or missing information can hurt a sales rep's chances of closing a deal. Zoho CRM helps your organization define a review process where a user or team of your choice can vet incoming information before approving or rejecting it. They can add comments as well as state reasons for rejection to ensure your sales team has access to information of the highest quality. 

Define a process to review, approve or reject incoming information for a cleaner CRM database
Validation Rules

Prevent inaccurate data from entering your CRM

Sales data is the lifeblood of any CRM system and incomplete and inaccurate data is a common problem in most organizations. Validation rules ensure that the data entered by your sales reps meets the standards you specify—for example, you can make sure that every lead entered into your CRM has a mobile number before the sales rep can save the record.  

validation rules in zoho crm
Email Parser

Extract information from incoming emails automatically

Simplify the process of lead generation by fetching lead data directly from incoming sales enquiry emails.  

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Multi-page Layout

Manage multiple sales processes within your CRM 

Zoho CRM allows you to run a separate sales process with its own fields, records, views, workflows, reports, and dashboards. This way, multiple departments in your organization can make use of the software without the need for multiple CRM accounts.  

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Having a standardized sales and communication process makes it easier to bring on new sales reps. We can plug in new sales reps as quickly as we plug in new customers. Standardizing our sales process makes it so much more sustainable for long-term growth.

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  • Blueprint
  • Lead Scoring
  • Approval Process
  • Assignment Rules
  • Escalation Rules
  • Review process
  • Validation Rules
  • Email Parser
  • Multi-page Layout