Identify sales-ready leads with lead scoring

Have you ever heard complaints about the quality of leads being passed from marketing to sales? If you haven’t, you have a good thing going! But if you're like the rest of us, Zoho CRM's lead scoring functionality can be a lifesaver.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Increase the conversion rate of your leads
  • Identify up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Automate lead funnel movement based on scores
  • Notify sales on high-profile leads automatically

Why do you need lead scoring?

Your prospects are everywhere. They are on social media reviewing your product. They are navigating through your website, downloading your ebook, responding to your survey, replying to your email campaign, and downloading thought leadership ebooks from your website. Each and every touchpoint where a customer interacts with you has the potential to build a relationship.

But, when exactly do you pass leads to sales? Are they sales-ready yet? Engaging lead when they are not qualified not only results in decreased productivity for their sales teams, but also lower conversion rates, and eventually a decrease in your overall ROI. Lead scoring helps you rank your leads and determine which ones are most likely to close, and which ones aren't worth passing on. 


Score leads based on demographics

As an organization, you have an ideal buyer persona in place. Are your ideal buyers VP-level executives? Do they belong to a certain industry of your choice? Do they typically represent small or large businesses? Assign scores based on the various criteria you judge your leads on, and ensure your sales reps aren't wasting their efforts on junk leads which won't convert. 

score leads based on demographics

Here's what analysts say about lead scoring


Increase in conversion rate.



Increase in revenue per deal.



Increase in deal close rates.



More sales-ready leads.

(Forrester research)

Score leads based on behavior

Identify early-stage buying signals from leads by tracking their behavior towards your organization. Mark positive behaviors with a higher lead score, and make sure your sales team prioritizes following up active and qualified leads. Zoho CRM allows you to track multiple behaviors across various customer touchpoints.

Email Insights

Whether you use lead nurturing emails, periodic newsletters, or personalized offers, email is a powerful medium for businesses to reach out and build a relationship with their customers. Score leads based on how they engage with your email campaigns, and determine how close they are to making a purchase.

Survey Responses
Social media Interactions
score leads based on behavior

Negative Scoring

Zoho CRM plays a huge role in helping you eliminate cold leads from your lead bucket with negative scoring. As much as you award your leads with a positive score for expressing positive behavior, you should take away points if your lead behaves in a negative way towards your brand. 

Here are some of the activities where negative scoring works: 

score leads with negative scores
  • When a lead's industry type is small businesses, but you cater primarily to enterprises.
  • When a lead unsubscribes from your newsletters.
  • If the job role/title of the lead is not a decision making authority.

Multiple scoring models for unique needs

The same criteria cannot be used to evaluate and score your leads for different departments in your business. Set up unique scoring models for different requirements, so each model can have its own set of attributes and engagements that contribute to the score, allowing your sales, marketing, and service teams to identify and prioritize the right leads or customers.


Automate your activities around lead scores

Scores do not mean much if they do not enable your sales, marketing, and service teams to take meaningful actions. You can set up a wide range of automated actions like creating an activity, updating certain fields, or notifying the record owner that a lead has been qualified and needs to be pushed to the next stage of your business process.