why does your business need a crm system?

A robust CRM tool helps you collect, organize, and manage all your customer information efficiently. By establishing a functional CRM system, your sales team can track the customer journey throughout the sales cycle, streamline business processes, and improve data management—thereby enhancing the customer experience.


Bigin and Zoho CRM are both highly customizable and dynamic CRM solutions designed to help you meet your diverse business requirements.

Bigin is a simple CRM solution that is mainly suitable for small businesses who are making the switch from spreadsheets. Its clutter-free pipeline management features help businesses organize customer operations more efficiently. Know More

Zoho CRM is more comprehensive and serves the needs of enterprise-level business operations. It includes a wide variety of features that drive efficiency at every stage of the sales cycle and yield insights to enable well-informed business decisions. Know More

So, which suits your business better 
Bigin or Zoho CRM? Allow us to elaborate and help you pick the right CRM solution.

A pipeline-centric CRM
designed for small businesses

Bigin is a simple pipeline-centric CRM tool suitable for small businesses. With user-friendliness as its focal point, Bigin offers a suite of CRM features to streamline sales processes, close more deals, and accelerate growth. Moreover, you can easily upgrade to Zoho CRM once your business expands and outgrows Bigin. The transition is seamless and will ensure that your data is protected and day-to-day business is unaffected.

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Sales pipeline management

Enable your sales team to view all deals at once so they can prioritize the prospects closest to conversion. Bigin offers simple and systematic pipeline management tools that allow you to create sales strategies to suit your business process.

Effective customer engagement

Increase your sales conversions by staying connected with your prospects at each stage of the sales cycle. Engage with customers through email, phone, Twitter, and web forms—all from within Bigin.

Salesforce automation

Bigin provides automation tools to manage and shorten sales processes and cycles and close deals faster. You can automate business workflows, schedule mass emails, and create conditional triggers to perform a wide variety of tasks.

The complete CRM to boost sales
and increase your revenue

Zoho CRM is a comprehensive online CRM tool suitable for enterprise-level businesses that are home to multiple departments and teams. It offers all the tools to manage, engage, and convert leads to customers efficiently.

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Predictive sales

Capitalize on insightful sales forecasts to make well-informed business decisions. Zoho CRM includes an AI assistant, Zia, that can manage and analyze data, make accurate sales forecasts, and detect sales anomalies.

Team collaborations

Keep your teams updated with real-time sales notifications and connect them with each other—and customers—through various multi-channel collaboration tools.

Process management

Establish effective sales processes that your team executes in a systematic way to close deals faster. Zoho CRM provides you with the right tools to standardize and automate your sales processes—from creating leads to closing deals.

Compare Bigin and Zoho CRM


Organization Size

Small and micro businesses
(Ideally less than 10 users)

Mid to large enterprises
(Ideally more than 10 users)


  • Essential Features
  • Lead & Deal Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Product Customization
  • Emails
  • Webforms
  • Essential Features +
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Process Management
  • Advanced Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Inventory Management
  • Conversational AI

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