Zoho CRM and PayU for
Seamless Payment Experience

Zoho CRM is the first CRM to support PayU's payment solution. PayU is a global payments company and India’s leading payment services provider. Integrating PayU with Zoho CRM helps Indian businesses complete the entire deals process online—from creating professional quotes and invoices to sending out payment links and collecting payments.

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Why PayU for Zoho CRM?

Once the sales stage reaches its final phase, it’s important to be diligent with invoicing and collecting customer payments to close the deal. Unfortunately, sending an invoice and immediately collecting the payment is not always how the story goes. Salespeople often struggle with disorganized invoicing, relying on traditional payment instruments, dreaded data double entry, payment value mismatch, and tracking payment collection from several customers on threaded emails. This is where Zoho CRM’s integration with PayU adds payment collecting capabilities directly from Zoho CRM dashboard to help you be more efficient with sales flow, and ultimately close the deal. Currently, PayU integration for Zoho CRM is available only in India

See how you can integrate PayU with Zoho CRM to create a seamless and friction-free payment experience for your customers

Benefits of using PayU for Zoho CRM

  • Deliver Seamless Payment Experience

    Seamlessly built into Zoho CRM, the PayU payment solution simplifies payment collection, reconciliation, and tracking, besides delivering enhanced value to customers and businesses alike.

  • Accept Payments Right from Zoho CRM

    Send out payment links right from Zoho CRM and collect the payment directly in your bank account. PayU’s payment links for Zoho CRM enable you to accept payments right from your Zoho CRM Dashboard. 

  • Accept Multiple Digital Payment Options

    Aid the selling process and build trust with your customers by allowing them to conveniently pay via whatever mode they prefer: credit card, debit card, online banking, UPI, wallets, and more.

  • Easily Track Payments in Real Time

    Track the real-time status of customer payments without leaving your Zoho CRM screen.

  • Evolve from Traditional to Digital Payments

    Eliminate value mismatch due to human error, double entry of information on CRM, manual time-consuming process and transaction errors while providing customers a seamless payment experience and collecting the payment directly in your bank account.