Engage with your prospects at scale with multichannel marketing

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Connect with customers at scale with personalized messaging

Drive contextual engagements across channels

Deliver the right message to the right customer on the right channel throughout the customer's lifecycle from marketing to sales and support.

  • Build personalized email campaigns based on lead data and target the right audience at the
    right time

  • Listen to what your prospects are saying, publish relevant content and campaigns, and
    engage prospects on different social media platforms

  • Connect with website visitors in real time and convert them into qualified prospects with live chat

  • Send prospects personalized, contextual SMS messages

  • Know when prospects interact with your business, so you can respond at the right time with the right message to drive their journey

Personalize every customer journey

Craft end-to-end journeys that bridge departments and communication channels to help you personalize every aspect of customer interaction.

  • Build a complete journey across key touchpoints to keep your prospects engaged and
    guide them to develop a relationship with your brand.

  • Unite departments like sales, marketing, and support to provide a seamless experience for prospects and improve customer satisfaction

  • Scale these individual journeys effectively as your customer base expands

  • Analyze and leverage insights to refine and improve customer experience

Engage and nurture meaningful buyer relationships with B2C marketing

Create, deploy, and analyze marketing campaigns across different channels to deliver meaningful experiences to individual buyers and foster long-term loyalty.

  • Build your audience, run targeted campaigns, and increase your reach

  • Improve the performance of your campaigns with A-B testing to identify messages that resonate with your customers

  • Drive engagement across your campaigns with permission-based marketing

  • Unify your messaging across different channels like email, social media, SMS, and more, to maintain brand consistency

Personalized marketing for your B2B buyers

Run value-driven B2B marketing campaigns to build meaningful connections, uncover high-value opportunities, and maximize ROI.

  • Score interactions with your campaigns to identify quality leads and prioritize sales follow-ups

  • Segment your audience and deliver personalized experiences with dynamic content

  • Execute dynamic campaigns that deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right point in their journey

  • Connect your marketing information with sales data to identify high-value opportunities and key accounts to target

Refine your marketing strategy with in-depth analytics

Crunch the numbers to see which marketing activities provide the highest ROI and
which have room for improvement.

  • Grade your email campaign performance with detailed breakdowns of open and click rates, bounces, spam handling, and social engagement

  • Attribute revenue to the right marketing activity to measure your true ROI

  • Improve your social media strategies by accurately identifying the audience demographics,
    your best performing content pieces, and your reach with both organic and paid impressions

  • Identify the keywords that bring in the most qualified leads, know when to bid on specific keywords, and close the loop by connecting offline purchases to your online conversions