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key accounts with Zoho CRM

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Key account management with Zoho CRM

Identify your high value customers

Analyze the lifetime value of your customers and identify which ones bring your business the most value so you can focus on retaining them long term.

  • Segment your accounts and identify your best customers based on criteria such as frequency, recency, and value of purchases made

  • Ensure accounts are assigned to a key account manager to manage future interactions

  • Use predictive insights powered by Zia to discover and capitalize on upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Consolidate customer data from across your enterprise databases to build rich and
    contextual profiles for your accounts

High-touch engagement

Engage with your high value customers on a regularly basis with value-driven, personalized engagements.

  • Leverage holistic interaction history and behavioral data to build targeted marketing campaigns resulting in more conversions

  • React to customer needs in real time with signals captured from various touchpoints

  • Keep account managers informed by scanning the internet for relevant articles where key accounts are mentioned

  • Build personalized journeys that deliver meaningful experiences across channels to prospects from high value accounts

Measure results and refine existing strategies

Understand the effectiveness of your strategy of managing your key accounts and identifying areas for improvement in marketing and personalization.

  • Monitor the health of your key accounts by analyzing factors like interaction history, recent activities, deals in the pipeline, and more with powerful filters

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and identify which channels produce
    the best results

  • Track information like the conversion rates for leads, average deal sizes, and the top industries associated with key accounts