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Predict future outcomes for your business

Stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered predictions that offer better insights into customer behavior.

  • Predict the probability of conversion for leads or opportunities so you know what to prioritize

  • Know when your customers are most likely to respond so you can send personalized offers and campaigns at the right time

  • Have Zia monitor sales and support trends and notify you of any anomalies or deviations from your predictions

  • Build custom models to predict how likely prospects are to purchase, convert, or miss a payment.

Act on meaningful recommendations

Improve customer experience by delivering personalized recommendations to your sales and support teams.

  • Ensure your prospects are automatically assigned to the sales rep with the most relevant skill set and expertise, whether that's a local rep or someone who specializes in that particular topic.

  • Identify the right products to up-sell and cross-sell so you never miss a big opportunity.

  • Let Zia analyze incoming support tickets to identify the common issues that your support team needs to add to your knowledge base

Smarter communication with customers

Address customer needs effectively to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Give your sales team more context by automatically enriching customer records with information they share publicly, such as job designations, social media profiles, blog links, and current employer.

  • Use sentiment analysis to prioritize which emails and support tickets should be addressed first

  • Automatically capture any activity mentioned in an email—such as a reference to a meeting or product demo—as an event in Zoho CRM and associate it with the right record

  • Reduce ticket response time with AI-suggested canned responses drawn from your knowledge base

Keep your teams productive with intelligent automation

Increase productivity for your sales and support teams with workflow suggestions and
AI-powered chatbots.

  • Improve operational efficiency with customized workflows suggested by Zia

  • Let Zia automate your team's most time-consuming tasks with AI-generated macros custom built to streamline your particular workflow

  • Reimagine customer self-service with AI-powered chatbots that can engage with website visitors and deliver on-demand support