Connections - An Overview

Connections is a simple authentication mechanism to connect your Zoho CRM account with any third-party application. Connections can be used to invoke any third party applications’ REST APIs and get access to your authenticated data from your functions or widgets.

More than 20 connections are available for the most familiar applications to connect them with Zoho CRM out of the box. Also, you can write your own connection to any application. This helps to utilize multiple services from within Zoho, and hence, creating an environment which is much more friendlier to use. Connections expand Zoho's third-party support.


Profile Permission Required: Admins can access this feature.

Supported Authentication types:

Since different services have different methods of authentication for their service, Connections are equipped with 3 different modes of authentication.

  • Basic Authentication
  • OAuth 1.0
  • OAuth 2.0

Once the connections are set up, you can make use of them in functions or widgets to execute certain actions. Some of the examples are:

Business Scenarios

  • You can push an Event from CRM to your EventBrite account by setting up a connection between the two services.
  • Connect to Bomgar Remote Access service to allow your technicians take remote control of your customer's device, in case the line of business requires such a service.

Target Audience

  • CRM Administrators who set up Integrations and configure Functions.
  • Programmers with REST API and Deluge Script skills.

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