Zoho CRM Delivers Immediate ROI For Transportation Company

Robert Peck is the VP of Business Development at Load Delivered, a Chicago-based company facilitating transportation of freight in the US. "One challenge in our kind of business," he says, "is balancing our new customer acquisition efforts with the process of farming business from existing clients. As soon as we integrated Zoho CRM, we found that it dramatically decreases the challenge factor in this process."

Load Delivered has a vast and complex customer network (about 30,000 trucking partners) scattered throughout the country. And that's not the extent of it. The company's operation also connects its network of trucking partners to its manufacturer clients (i.e. those businesses who manufacture products and need them shipped to their customers).

Garnering business from existing clients and prospecting for future customers is, as Peck says, "fragmented" and "highly competitive."


Load Delivered's success depends on effectively navigating a fragmented market to maintain its customer relationships. For about six years, Load Delivered managed customer data and sales processes through Word documents and spreadsheets . However, in 2016, Peck says Load Delivered began to look for a CRM solution.

"Our sales process is grounded on moving opportunities at the business level through a staged pipeline process," says Peck. "From the get-go we sought a web-based platform that could support that process."

Finding a Solution.. and Immediate Results

Operations Manager, Hannah James, along with a development team, lead the implementation of Zoho CRM in August 2016. "We saw an immediate acceleration in sales after implementing Zoho CRM last year," says Peck. "I definitely credit that growth to Zoho."

Load Delivered also streamlined the internal communication between its two offices—one in Chicago and another in Los Angeles. At present, Load Delivered has 27user licenses utilized primarily by inside and outside sales representatives. Peck says having a standardized sales and communication process makes it easier to bring on new sales reps.

"We can plug in new sales reps as quickly as we plug in new customers," he says. "Standardizing our sales process makes it so much more sustainable for long-term growth."

Standardizing our sales process makes it so much more sustainable for long-term growth.

What Would You Say to Other Customers About Zoho?

"The main goal in using a CRM is to accelerate top line revenue, and we witnessed an immediate return on investment since implementing Zoho CRM. I would absolutely recommend Zoho."

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