Financial services firm utilizes Zoho CRM's Gmail integration for increased efficiency.

ALTUS Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm specializing in financial planning for entrepreneurs, alternative investment strategies, and college funding solutions. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, ALTUS is run by John Buerger, a certified financial planner professional, wealth coach, and fiduciary advisor, making ALTUS a one-stop shop for people who need a financial strategy, the coaching to execute that plan, and an advisor who is ethically and legally obligated to serve the clients’ best interests.


ALTUS has “thousands of relationships with clients, financial services peers, prospects, and others". Buerger operates ALTUS as a solo entrepreneur; the one responsible for paying bills, including the bill for CRM software he uses to stay on top of his relationship network. As a result, ALTUS needed a full-featured CRM that’s both easy to use and easy on the pocketbook.

Zoho CRM helped ALTUS manage its expanding business without any third-party help.


As a web-based service, Zoho CRM lets Buerger work from his home, from his office in downtown San Luis Obispo, and on the road with a variety of mobile options and apps. Buerger's decision to join Zoho was swayed largely by the array of customization options that allowed him to personalize Zoho CRM to meet his needs, and the seamless integration with Gmail.

Other features ALTUS makes frequent use of include invoices, reporting, and bulk mail. Buerger notes that Zoho CRM lets him create custom reports and printouts with almost any piece of data he wants. “I could never do that in Salesforce without paying an additional fee per month for some kind of special reporting software,” Buerger said.


“I would not be able to manage my business this effectively without Zoho CRM. It’s an expansive system that I can tweak on my own, without third-party help,” said Buerger. “And Zoho CRM is extremely fast and responsive. When I type a search, the results flash up on the screen in a useable format very quickly so I’m not left staring at an hourglass.”

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