Financial software company switches to Zoho CRM after seven years of Salesforce

"Zoho CRM was an easy decision, and we are excited to discover more functionality every day. We are also happy about the other Zoho products that come with the package and are evaluating them as we speak."

Peter WornHead of Strategic Relationships, Enzumo

Enzumo is a financial software consulting company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. They've been empowering advisers and financial services companies with XPLAN customization and consulting for the past 15 years, and have expanded into business intelligence software consulting among others. They're now also building their own Learning Management System (LMS) to assist clients with training and learning. As a software company, Enzumo understood the need for CRM early and started off with Salesforce. They found the tool overly complex, and felt the need to have an expert on payroll just to navigate and manage it for their team. However, the team simply did not take to the CRM very well, and Enzumo began shopping for an alternative that was easier to use and offered a better fit for the company and its growing needs.

After evaluating different CRM solutions, such as MS Dynamics, the team narrowed down their search to Zoho CRM. They were impressed with the suite of Zoho applications, easy migration, along with a smooth and comfortable evaluation period. The buying decision quickly followed, and today, Enzumo's sales and operations teams start and end their work days with Zoho CRM. Company executive, Peter Worn, says "Zoho CRM was an easy decision, and we are excited to discover more functionality every day. We are also happy about the other Zoho products that come with the package and are evaluating them as we speak". 

Deals Kanban view

Enzumo bills their clients on a per-project basis, and talks can go on for up to 3 months before a deal is closed. During this follow-up period, the sales team spends the majority of their time in the Deals module, specifically the Kanban view. The team loves the option to sort by category, and to display aggregate figures. Peter Worn says, "I look at the Kanban view to check on the status of deals and the revenues in each stage. Reports aside, this gives a clearer picture on where the sales team is with everything."

Slack integration

The team uses the Slack platform for all work discussions and meetings. Enzumo has a workflow trigger set up to notify them on Slack whenever a lead is added to CRM. The team then starts with the lead follow-up, which are a series of calls, emails, proposals, and discussions that are all recorded inside of CRM. The team is able to share CRM records and graphs, and get notified of their meetings through Slack.  

Zia's Best Time to Contact

The Enzumo team benefit greatly from looking at Zia's Best Time to Contact prediction before sending emails or calling clients. It helps them decide who to call first. Zia is Zoho CRM's AI-powered sales assistant that uses machine learning to study user behavior to determine when a prospect or a customer tends to open their emails or answer calls. Over time, Zia comes up with suggestions on the best time to contact, based on activity and response times from earlier interactions. 

Zoho Social integration

Enzumo updates their social media brand pages and accounts on a regular basis. They are active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and post thought leadership content and industry updates with the help of the Zoho Social integration with CRM. Peter says "I love the bulk scheduler option that lets me prepare and schedule posts for the coming week in a single sitting". He is also a big fan of the Brand Health Report, which collates important social media performance metrics, like Total Audience,  Active Audience,  Engagement, and Stories Created. Peter says, "I only have to take one look at the Brand Health Report to assess our social media performance."  

Microsoft 365 Integration

Enzumo's corporate account is hosted on Microsoft 365, which is integrated with CRM. The team doesn't have to switch tabs to look at their emails, and they're able to operate largely from the CRM screen. Setting up the integration was easy and did not require any technical assistance.

Reports and Dashboards

Zoho CRM has a number of default reports and dashboards that cover most reporting needs. Peter is a big fan of all the Leads and Deal dashboards. He says, "I especially like to look at the visual pipeline by stage, and see how much money is in each sales stage".

  • Industry typeSoftware
  • EmployeesBelow 50
  • Type of businessPrivately held


This simple feature is one that is highly used by the Enzumo team, and it serves as the connection between different teams in the company. The projects team uses Trello to manage their work, and they post notes in CRM about updates which the sales team use to stay up-to-date. The same applies to the support team, who use it to update call discussions.

The possibilities with Zoho CRM are exciting, and Enzumo is currently looking at exploring the reporting features further.

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