How Zoho Transformed A Business Culture And Customer Relationships

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Allergy Standard Limited (ASL) runs independent tests on products for asthma and allergies to certify their suitability for human consumption. ASL Co-founder Doctor John Mckeon was passionate about the plight of parents struggling to get good products for their kids who were asthmatic or allergic. He created ASL as a standard to test and certify such products as asthma and allergy-friendly.

Since 2002, ASL has steadily grown, establishing additional branches in New York and Washington, D.C. As the company continued to grow and the workforce became more geographically distributed, Chief Information Officer David Morrissey knew that ASL needed a centralized system to manage not only their client facing activities, but their internal processes as well.


Morrissey was brought in to ASL to develop a communicative infrastructure for the business, develop sales and marketing strategies, and improve processes within the company.

As Morrissey recalls, “When I joined ASL, we were really lacking a centralized way to manage processes. I knew that there had to be a way to simplify the current processes and gain efficiency.”

Morrissey began his search for an application to manage contacts and prospects, and track the various stages that product tests were in. In his search, he discovered Zoho CRM and was immediately taken by the simplicity of implementation, and the ability to customize the application for his business.

"Once I tried Zoho CRM, I really didn’t look back,” said Morrissey.

With Zoho, all information is in one place, along with the pre-signed signature of both doctors, which brings down what previously took several weeks to just a few minutes.

Implementing Zoho Suites

Before discovering Zoho CRM, product testing information at ASL was entered into an excel spreadsheet. Toggling between customer information and product test levels was neither easy nor efficient. 

“The bigger we grew, the more painful using spreadsheets became. I scrapped the old way we were doing things and went all in on simply tracking everything directly in Zoho CRM,” said Morrissey. “Rather than having to input data in a linear fashion, the way spreadsheets are if you want data to be consistent, we could have multiple people all accessing the CRM in parallel. Rather than having to wait for a week or two weeks before knowing what’s happening in the spreadsheet, we can just log into CRM, view a dashboard, and immediately know what’s going on.”

Following the successful implementation of Zoho CRM, Morrissey subsequently implemented Zoho Creator and Zoho Projects.

According to Morrissey, “Zoho Projects has allowed us to stay extremely organized in where we are in the various stages of product testing, identify bottlenecks, and have complete visibility across the company as to what stage everything is in. It is a backbone of our communicative infrastructure, as everyone working in other ASL branches can log in to the database and get information on project testing." 

With Zoho Creator, Morrissey is looking to give customers more access to information about ASL procedures and stages of their product tests, “Our developers are using Zoho creator to create multiple apps for customers to log in, navigate through our products, and view the various stages of testing they’re in.”


“Zoho has revolutionized ASL activities,” said Morrissey. “Putting all of our information in Zoho has made it possible for information to be easily accessible across the company. With Zoho, we have access to real-time information and know if a product is tested or not, what stage a product testing is at, and now know if there is a certificate for it at any given time.”

Zoho has also helped in saving time for employees across ASL. “Before Zoho, an admin staff had to convert a certificate from PDF to word document, type in some information manually to avoid errors, print it out, and get the two doctors to sign it. Sometimes, one or both of them would be out of the office and it could take two weeks to get them both to sign it. After that, the certificate would be scanned and sent to the customer. The entire process could take 5-6 weeks. But with Zoho, all information is in one place, along with the pre-signed signature of both doctors, which brings down what previously took several weeks to just a few minutes."

Additionally, ASL has seen an improvement in customer service and retention:

“Zoho has made work easier, more accurate, and has improved ASL customer relationships. As clients get their certificates on time, they tend to trust ASL services more, thereby retaining more customers for the company.”

Would you recommend Zoho?

"Yes, I would definitely recommend Zoho. I have recommended Zoho to people I know and they are taking it up and using it with success as well.”