Retain and delight customers.

As the old adage goes, it’s easier to retain a customer than acquire a new one. Zoho CRM Plus' advanced help-desk system helps you deliver your promises on time by reaching out to your customers over phone, email, chat or social media. Keep everyone on the same page through collaboration and ensure better customer focus.

Unmatched customer service experience, everytime.

Regardless of the size of your company, building customer trust begins and ends with answering the right questions at the right time. But what if you have a large customer base and you receive lots of queries at once? Zoho CRM Plus comes with a fully-fledged customer support system to track interactions between your agent and your customer. Manage tickets, automate reposes and get advanced analytics - all in one place.

A storehouse of knowledge at your disposal.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, your response time and knowledge is what matters. Stop storing technical knowledge in notepad or word files and use a dedicated knowledge base. Your customers are happier when they can find answers without having to wait for them. And your customer service teams can use up-to-date information to respond to customers quickly.

A call centre, at your service.

With Zoho CRM Plus, you have an entire call center within your browser tab. We've taken traditional customer service telephony and re-imagined it for the cloud. IVR, call forwarding, voice messages, missed call notification, etc are bundled out-of-the-box. All the advantages of a telephony system without any of the pains.

Receive instant daily reports.

When you have several reports to look at, scrutinizing each one of them regularly can get tedious. Just automate your reports with Zoho CRM Plus. Because whether you're at office or at home, your reports will be delivered to you on time, everyday.

Finish all of your tasks on time.

Big or small, all tasks share one common trait. They need to be completed on time. Zoho CRM Plus offers a feature-rich project management solution that lets you efficiently organize your customers, employees and projects. Collaborate in forums to communicate better and meet deadlines faster.

Finish what you start.

Imagine that you are a project manager and you have just been assigned a colossal project. Lots of work needs to be done, no doubt - and you are entirely clueless on where to start. With Zoho CRM Plus, you can cut-through-the-chase by breaking down your complex projects into milestones, tasks and sub-tasks. Next, assign them to your team and kickstart your project in no time.

Gain valuable insight with Gantt charts.

Visualizing your project data will give your team an idea of what works, what does not, and how they can make it better. Zoho CRM Plus' Gantt charts help you assess the progress of your projects, determine the resources involved, and plan your priorities. Highlight critical tasks using different colors, view or insert tasks, and share them with your team when you are finished.

Manage all your documents in one place.

Do you mail those crucial approval documents to yourself to make sure its safe? Then later, do you find yourself shuffling through your mailbox only to realize that its lost forever? The average project entails hundreds of different documents across dozens of different computers. Zoho CRM Plus includes a centralized file repository which gives you instant access to the latest document versions. You can collaborate with your team, discuss, and quickly see the changes made by your team in real-time.