Breaking Silos

When sales, marketing, and support are disconnected from one another, it can negatively affect your end customer's experience. Every application in Zoho CRM Plus is built on the same underlying Zoho infrastructure, ensuring no data falls through the cracks. Teams can share customer data and collaborate easily, allowing you to sell more, market more effectively, and offer first-class support.

Bridge the gap between your sales, marketing, and support teams by enabling them to collaborate effortlessly

Unified interface

Our customers tell us that the best part about Zoho CRM Plus is its interface. By bringing together a CRM with other useful business applications like live chat, customer service, marketing automation, business analytics, project management, and more within a single platform, you can now get a holistic view of how every customer interacts with your business.

Give your customer facing teams a holistic picture of what is happening across your business so that they can make well-timed decisions

Get up and running in no time

We have the lowest implementation time in the business, at 50% shorter than the industry average. You can also leverage our strong partner network in over 190 countries for more help getting started with Zoho CRM Plus. If you're a large enterprise in need of onboarding assistance, our Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) full-service consulting and professional services arm will help map out your unique implementation requirements.

We ensure a swift and painless onboarding process so that your business is running on CRM Plus from day one

Compassionate design

We know that it's not easy to integrate all your internal team efforts while simultaneously delivering a unified experience to all your customers. We at Zoho, use CRM Plus ourselves every day, so we are continuously working to improve the functionality and usability of the platform.

Constant updates and improvements are made to the product so that you find the usability- simple and seamless

Transparent pricing

We've always been transparent about our pricing, which is why we don't believe in long-term contracts. Zoho CRM Plus comes with a simple pricing model, with the option of either a monthly or annual plan. Once you get started, there are no additional costs until you want to add additional applications or upgrade your plan.

Our clear-cut pricing ensures there are no added or hidden costs.

Unmatched customer service

With our free eight-hour workday support over email, phone, and chat, we're available right when you need us. We also offer you two additional support tiers–Premium and Enterprise, that make our team of technical experts available to you 24/5 and 24/7, respectively. Get dedicated 1-on-1 sessions and quarterly reports along with free specialized onboarding assistance for 45 days.

Connect with our technical experts via email, phone and chat to get real-time assistance on product related issues and queries

Convenient customization–from basic to advanced

No matter how your business operates, Zoho CRM Plus is completely customizable for your needs—no need for any major coding expertise. For large scale customization, Zoho CRM Plus also comes with extensive APIs that help you extend the core functionalities of the platform. With our Mobile and Web SDKs, you'll be able to build custom, role-specific web and mobile applications for processing customer data.

Design custom web and mobile applications without having to be a tech-expert. Drag and drop feature of your choice to customize modules to your business needs

Open to third-party integrations

We believe working with multiple apps should be seamless and fully accessible. You can choose to integrate Zoho with the business applications you use everyday. Our Marketplace has over 450 extensions to choose from.

Integrate with a host of applications you use everyday or scale your business by choosing from a cluster of apps and services that strengthen your business

Powerful mobile apps

You don't have to be stuck at your desk to work with Zoho CRM Plus. Using our mobile apps for every service, you can work from anywhere. Get access to your appointments, schedules, tasks, social media activities, customer tickets, and more—all from your mobile device.

Manage and keep track of your business activities, even while you are on the move
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