Manage your business on the go with Zoho CRM Plus mobile apps

Why confine your business to your desk?

Take it with you wherever you go. Zoho CRM Plus offers a full suite of mobile apps which make it easy not only to access basic contact information, but also to convert leads and view marketing insights, sales collaterals, and organizational updates on the fly.

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zoho crm plus mobile appszoho crm plus mobile apps

Stay Connected with Zoho CRM Plus mobile apps

SalesMarketingServiceCollaboration and Business Intelligence


  • Zoho CRM

    Get real-time access to customer information, receive sales notifications, find customers nearby, create tasks, and much more.

  • Zoho CRM Analytics

    Access all your analytical dashboards on the move so you keep track of how your business is performing and share them with your colleagues.

  • Business Card Scanner

    Effortlessly digitalize and save business cards on your phone when you attend meetings, events, conferences, and trade shows.


  • Zoho Campaigns

    Send and monitor campaigns and manage your contacts and subscriber lists on the go.

  • Zoho Social

    Monitor social networks in real time, act on insights to create better content, and build your presence on social media.

  • Zoho Survey

    Create surveys, customize them with themes and templates, and access and customize reports on your iPad.

  • Zoho SalesIQ

    Engage visitors via live chat and use lead scoring to organize and prioritize your website visitors.


  • Zoho Desk

    Review support tickets and assign them to your support reps, so they can collaborate and provide top-notch customer support, wherever they are.

  • Radar for Zoho Desk

    Provide exceptional customer service by collaborating with your team wherever you are. Get statistics on metrics such as live traffic, status of an agent, and more.

Collaboration and Business Intelligence

  • Zoho Projects

    Connect and keep up with your team, manage tasks on the go, and get your work done faster.

  • Zoho Analytics

    An all-in-one Business Intelligence (BI) app to keep track of your key business metrics and arrive at informed business decisions on the go.

  • Zoho Analytics: Dashboards

    The immersive native mobile app lets you access and explore all your Zoho Analytics dashboards.

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