Engage the right prospects.

Email campaigns, visitors, and social media channels all involve potential prospects. But, which are the right ones for you? Zoho CRM Plus helps you identify and connect with the prospects who matter.

Reach out to prospects.

Sending out regular email campaigns doesn't have to be tiresome. With a variety of tools including mass emails, professional templates, real-time analytics, and advanced reports, Zoho CRM Plus makes it easy to design, send and track all your email marketing campaigns.

Accomplish more with powerful automation.

Identify your audience based on their current stage in the sales cycle and send them appropriate follow up mails based on their response using workflows and automatic mail responders. Get in-depth reports on your email campaigns and make your next campaign better than your last.

Design your own templates.

Succesful email marketing campaigns start with beautifully-designed templates. Zoho CRM Plus makes it easy to craft the perfect email campaign that looks great across all devices. Get the look you want with the drag-and-drop editor by adding images, fonts, etc and leave your brand's personal touch on every email you send.

Utilize social media to extend your reach.

Complement your email marketing efforts with social media. Promote campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and reach a wider audience.

Convert visitors into customers.

Your website is popular. You get thousands of visitors everyday. But how can you convert these potential prospects into customers? Zoho CRM Plus actively records every interaction so you can understand how visitors are interacting with your website in real-time. Connect with customers in minutes and wow them with quick, efficient customer support.


Engage in real-time with live chat.

Emails end up in the junk folder. Phone calls often invade privacy. But live chat is quick, efficient and interactive. Zoho CRM Plus's Live Chat feature enables you to decide the agents to be listed, include a small bio about their specialties and let your prospects choose whom to chat with.


Visitor insights and lead scoring.

Drive sharper engagement by assigning lead scores to each of your website visitors based on traffic source, visitor time, country, etc. Prioritize them as hot, warm, or cold and close more deals faster.


Measure, monitor, and report.

You can't improve what you don't measure. Get daily and monthly reports delivered right to your inbox. Learn how to improve your team's sales conversations, monitor and provide instant feedback and transform your team into sales superheroes.

Connect through social media.

Leveraging the power of social media starts with creating and sharing amazing content. But how do you know what content is working for your brand? From increasing reach by publishing content to monitoring social media for brand mentions, Zoho CRM Plus has you covered.

Smart prediction engine to reach the right audience.

Want maximum reach? Schedule your social media posts to publish at a time when your audience is most likely to see them. Target social media posts by location and schedule them to go live at the same time across different time-zones across the world.

Work and collaborate as a team.

Have an awesome idea to share with your team? Save your idea as a draft, brainstorm it with your team, tag your team members for feedback, and make better decisions.

Listen and engage.

See what people are saying about your brand and take appropriate action with real-time monitoring dashboards. Not at your desk? Get instant notifications on your mobile device the moment your brand is mentioned on any social network.