HexaHealth decreases its average lead response time by 80% using Zoho CRM Plus

 "Workflow rules have been crucial in saving developers' time and ensuring rapid feature deployment. We have been able to release features in just an hour by meeting requirements quickly, all thanks to Zoho CRM's no-code capabilities."

Amit MutrejaDirector of Product Management, HexaHealth

The company

In 2021, Ankur Gigras, Aman Priya Khanna, and Vikas Chauhan found a huge gap in the market for a platform that offers transparent and easy-to-understand information about health conditions and treatment options related to them. For this reason, they founded HexaHealth: a one-stop solution that simplifies the process of finding and booking medical treatments and connecting patients with top hospitals. It provides comprehensive information about medical procedures, costs, and expert doctors. HexaHealth assists in scheduling appointments, offers medical second opinions, and ensures transparency in healthcare expenses.

HexaHealth Team
HexaHealth Team

The platform focuses on patient convenience by streamlining the entire treatment journey—from diagnosis to recovery—and enables patients to make informed health decisions.

The challenge

When the company first began operating, they used Google Sheets to track leads, but weren't able to capture leads coming in from different sources in real time, and faced leakages. Working in static spreadsheets also made it difficult to monitor the sales funnel and resulted in a lot of confusion among sales representatives when it came to lead ownership.

Initially, the company planned on introducing a CRM system 10 months after beginning operations, but these challenges kick-started their search to find the CRM solution that could best meet their needs within just three months.

The solution

After evaluating the major CRM players, the company decided on Zoho CRM Plus, as it checked all the boxes with regard to what they were seeking in terms of business requirements, pricing, and, most importantly, customization capabilities. Additionally, it offers a range of CX tools in a bundle that the company wanted to explore as they scaled.

Working with Zoho's partnership network for a successful implementation

Amit Mutreja, Director of Product Management at HexaHelalth, is responsible for building internal and consumer-facing products, overseeing product, growth, analytics, and managing key aspects of content strategy. Amit and his team played a significant role in implementing Zoho CRM Plus. Zoho CRM is the most crucial internal product at the company, says Amit, as it's not limited to just the sales team, but in fact also extends to the insurance and finance teams.

During the early stages of the implementation, HexaHealth reached out to Absoft IT Solutions, an Authorized Zoho Partner, for assistance with customization and automation.

Capturing and tracking leads in real time: No room for leakages

For HexaHealth, social media, form submissions, Google Ads, and JustDial are some of the most common lead generation sources, all of which are captured in the company's backend system and automatically pushed to Zoho CRM via behavioral logic defined using Deluge, and then tagged based on location. For instance, leads from cities where the company has established active operations are marked as "hot," whereas leads from cities where the company doesn't have a physical presence are marked "warm." If the lead shows very little interest during qualification, they're downgraded to "cold."

Streamlining lead management and rapid feature deployment

Automation using workflow rules has saved a lot of time within the company, Amit says.

 "Workflow rules have been crucial in saving developers' time and ensuring rapid feature deployment. We have been able to release features in just an hour by meeting requirements quickly, all thanks to Zoho CRM's no-code capabilities."

Amit MutrejaDirector of Product Management, HexaHealth

Once leads are captured in the system, they're automatically assigned to lead owners, who gauge their leads' interest through outbound calls and messages. The telephony integration between Knowlarity and Zoho CRM, available in Zoho Marketplace, enables agents to call leads directly as soon as they enter the system. In the off chance that an agent misses a chance to connect with the lead within a minute, a call is triggered automatically. This workflow automation has decreased the company's average lead response time by 80%.

Similarly, the company has a WhatsApp Business API integration set in place with Zoho CRM to contact leads via text message.

Meeting unique business requirements through customization

Customization was a major theme in HexaHealth's CRM implementation roadmap. All OPDs and IPDs are managed using custom modules. Through Deluge, the company associates leads with their respective campaign channel sources, locations where the campaign was executed, and other parameters, and passes them on to the lead record, too. They manage this information using a custom module they built called "Campaigns Master," which ensures the right tagging and segmentation of the leads.

The UI of every single module in the CRM has been completely customized using Canvas. In the healthcare sector, prompt access to relevant information is crucial for users. Canvas offers the flexibility to highlight specific details based on particular use cases, ensuring that the sales team can quickly access the information they need. This includes strategic placement of buttons and relevant information while eliminating unnecessary content.

Enhancing efficiency with contextual forms for field updates

Typically, if users need to edit multiple fields, they have to click the edit button, which opens the default form that usually contains numerous fields. To optimize this process, HexaHealth uses Wizards. By displaying only two or three fields that are contextually relevant to the user, Wizards ensure that only the necessary fields are visible for updates, rather than displaying every field included in the module.

Monitoring sales performance with detailed reports

With reports in Zoho CRM, the team can track the sales funnel efficiently. They track daily and weekly health metrics for each sales rep to monitor their sales performance. This makes the progress of the team and individual sales reps clearer and highlights any tasks they're missing.

Turning data into insights with Zoho Analytics

HexaHealth collects data from multiple sources, including internal products like Zoho CRM, custom applications for doctors and partner hospitals, and consumer-facing products like the organization's app and website. Given the multiplicity of these sources, the organization needed a business intelligence solution to consolidate this data into one place and make it possible to derive insights and understand what's happening across various channels. Zoho Analytics is just one among many products available in the Zoho CRM Plus bundle, and HexaHealth adopted this BI tool because of its place in the broader Zoho ecosystem and its seamless integration with Zoho CRM—one of their main data sources.

They use Zoho Analytics to build advanced dashboards that leverage CRM data in particular. For instance, the organization has created a conversion rate dashboard to track the number of leads, outpatient department conversions, and inpatient department conversions from those leads. Using the query feature, they've combined data from three modules into the same table. In one instance, they homogenized data from Google Ads and Zoho CRM to calculate the cost per lead, combining campaign cost data from Google Ads with lead data from Zoho CRM. In another instance, they joined data from Google Analytics and Zoho CRM to measure the rate at which website visitors convert into leads by dividing the number of leads by the number of visitors. Zoho Analytics empowers the organization to transform and homogenize data from different sources to derive meaningful metrics.


Since deploying Zoho CRM Plus, the company has tackled every challenge they hoped to solve by implementing the solution and have seen tangible benefits from doing so.

Amit also attributes his team's increased productivity to Zoho Analytics.

 "We've saved a lot of time using Analytics, and we're seeing a tangible and substantial impact."

Amit MutrejaDirector of Product Management, HexaHealth
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Looking forward

HexaHealth's ultimate vision is to become the largest surgery care platform in India and eventually to extend its services on a global scale to provide high-quality surgical care and support to patients worldwide. Since the company's positive experience with Zoho, they plan to continue their journey with Zoho CRM Plus's robust products and use it to achieve above and beyond.