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  • Forbes Advisor recognizes Zoho CRM as the Best CRM of 2024

Forbes Advisor recognizes Zoho CRM as the Best CRM of 2024

  • Last Updated : April 24, 2024
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We are excited to announce that Zoho CRM has been named the best CRM of 2024 by Forbes Advisor across three categories.

Best CRM of 2024: From all the vendors that were evaluated, we stood out for our wide range of features and robust customization capabilities. In addition to just marketing and sales, our various extensions that can help organizations customize the CRM to fit all their needs were also highlighted. The editor believes that we deliver a range of features at a reasonable price, thereby delivering high value to our users.

Best Marketing CRM: The capability of Zoho CRM to provide a 360-degree view of the complete marketing and sales process of an organization, from capturing leads from multiple channels to nurturing and eventually closing the deal, has proven useful for organizations to collaborate and analyze their marketing efforts. Each stage of the sales pipeline and actions taken by sales executives are duly recorded, thereby giving admins a full view of everything that is happening with a deal. Our multichannel capabilities alongside our reporting capabilities were two other factors that helped us stand out from the other vendors.

Best Simple CRM: With a score of 4.9/5, Zoho CRM has been given the title of the Best Simple CRM of 2024. In addition to the automation functionalities, we have been recognized for our intuitive UI and ease of use. We have also been found to be a scalable solution that grows as your company does. Zia, the AI assistant within Zoho CRM, has also been noted for its predictive and workflow automation capabilities, and next best actions suggestions.


We would like to thank all our users for their constant support and love. These awards are a testament to our commitment to developing cutting-edge features and functionalities that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses. Our focus on innovation ensures Zoho CRM stays at the forefront of the CRM industry, providing users with the tools they need to not only manage customer relationships effectively but also gain a deeper understanding of their customers and optimize their sales and marketing processes.

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