Ilan Gross


About Lumen

We are a multidisciplinary, integrated software agency. We have over 25 years experience in building tailored software solutions for businesses of all sizes. As well as this we provide comprehensive coaching and training to companies to help them use our solutions effectively. We have worked with over 550 businesses, and a result we are confident in the service we provide.

Third-party Integrations

  • Xero
  • MS Office
  • Google Apps
  • Evernote
  • Website
  • Business Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • PBX
Address : Auckland, New Zealand
CRM Experience : 15 years
Zoho Partner Since : Jun 2013

Customer Testimonials

Ilan was very quickly got to grips with our business processes and honed in on ways to improve these throughout the design phase of our project; and he delivered a fully functional ZohoCRM configuration in a tight time-frame. Ilan's dedication, support, and ongoing challenging recommendations for improvement proved to be invaluable as we implemented (and continue to evolve) the use of ZohoCRM for our business. I highly recommend him.

Andrew Bowie,

Gasoline Alley Services (GAS)

Being an owner of a tech start-up it is vital I receive advice and support which has direct and immediate benefit to my business - not cookie cutter solutions. For this to happen suppliers need to very quickly understand what are the critical factors that impact my business and not get distracted by the noise. Ilan has one of the sharpest business minds I have ever come across (including many years working in corporate strategy for GE). He was able to very quickly identify what my core issues were and address them with a simple and effective solution which delivered immediate results. Ilan is far more than arms length supplier but rather a business mentor who personally invests his energy in the success of my business.

Jonathan Marshall,

Bondi Labs