Improve sales collaboration with chat integrations

Empower your sales team with real time collaboration tools so they can always stay in sync with the other teams in your organization. With chat integrations for Zoho CRM, you can easily share crucial information like deal details or reports with your team members, and in turn, increase team productivity.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Add leads from your chat tools back to CRM
  • Automatically send sales updates via chat
  • Pull data from CRM to your chat window

Share CRM data via chat

Most sales discussions take place over chat, with analytics adding visual representations to the conversation. Send sales metrics from your Zoho CRM dashboard to colleagues over your sales channels or in private chat. You can also easily share sales updates and records to your team while you're using CRM.

Never miss another event, task, or phone call

Do you have trouble managing all your upcoming events or tasks? Worry no longer. Chatbots pick up data from your Zoho CRM account to send you reminders about upcoming customer calls, webinars, and scheduled meetings. Don't miss any important chat messages either, with SalesSignal notifications in Zoho CRM for messages.

Get CRM alerts via chat

Automate sending sales updates

Would you like to notify your colleagues every time an important action happens in CRM? Just set a rule! Your teammates will automatically get notified via chat whenever there's a new sales update, such as a new deal or lost lead.

Set up automatic sharing of sales updates

Pull Zoho CRM data using chat commands

When you're chatting with teammates, you don't have to switch tabs to get information about the lead you're discussing. Just use commands to pull up record information from Zoho CRM right into your chat conversation.

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