Sales Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

Zoho CRM bridges the gap between your sales activities and team collaboration by integrating with Microsoft Teams. Have vital sales data at your fingertips, ready to share with your team when the need arises and keep your sales team running efficiently.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Use Microsoft Teams to allow your sales teams to collaborate
  • Create chat groups for different teams and sell in real time
  • Share dashboards and sales updates from CRM to Teams

Stay Informed. Stay Prepared

Add standard or custom dashboards from Zoho CRM to your Microsoft Teams Chat. Access key business metrics like your lead count, campaign performance, Forecast reports and much more from your chat window without having to go into Zoho CRM.

Share dashboards via Microsoft Teams

Search. Share. Collaborate

With the search functionality, quickly pull up vital sales information like Leads and Deal records, reports and more from Zoho CRM to share them with your team on chat. Get your team the information they need to ensure tasks are completed and deals are closed, all from inside Microsoft Teams.

Use Microsoft Team chat to share CRM updates