ClickDesk integrates with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM | April 18, 2012 | 2 min read

ClickDesk is a cloud based service that lets you communicate with website visitors directly from your instant messengers.

This is a guest post by Jagan Ganti, Product Specialist at ClickDesk.

With tight competition in most businesses these days, it is the level of customer support provided that determines their success. Also, the customer support agents should have all the basic information about the person in chat handy.

With ClickDesk, your visitors can chat from the website, while operators can respond conveniently from Google Talk or Skype. With the integrated browser phone (Flash – VoIP), visitors can also call you in any of the 3 ways – PC, Skype or by using local access numbers provided in 40 countries. You can receive the calls on your mobile phones, desk phones or even on your Instant Messenger.

ClickDesk now integrates with Zoho CRM, thus giving you instant access to your customer info while you are chatting with your customers. A live chat support tool with tight integration to your CRM system is a powerful combo. Customer support agents can view the visitor’s details, provide live support using their instant messenger on their laptops or mobile phones and can even update the lead details in Zoho CRM instantly.

What does this mean for users of ClickDesk + Zoho CRM?

The ClickDesk-Zoho CRM integration can automatically retrieve visitor’s details present in your Zoho CRM account and provide it along with other information such as IP address, country, referrer URL etc. You can then add notes directly from your instant messenger by using the short command /note option. The entire chat transcript also gets posted in the notes section after the end of each live chat session for further reference.

Find out more about this integration here.

What do you think of the integration? Do try it and let us know.

– Jagan

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  1. Bo Thygesen

    Nice feature and very usefull.But: It seems like only “leads” information is available. What about CRM information from “contacts” and related “potentials”?To only integrate with “leads” is kind of just half way. Excisting customers or leads that are converted into a potential might also use the chat?Any plans to add these functions?Kind regards,
    Bo Thygesen

  2. Christophe Méndez

    Hello guys,This seems pretty interesting! I was already taking a look at this tool for our own needs.I have a couple of questions though:
    1. What will be your strategy at Zoho towards Zoho Chat in that matter?
    2. Will there be an integration between Zoho Support and ClickDesk?Thanks in advance for your answers.Best regards,Christophe