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Choosing the right CRM software can be a herculean task given the amount of variables you have to take into account. From basic CRM functionalities like lead and pipeline management and integrations, to advanced features like predictions, you have to evaluate every CRM application carefully before committing. So, why not choose a CRM that checks the boxes for all your needs? Why not choose the best CRM?

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The need for the best CRM

A good CRM is a solution that comes with all the bells and whistles, and does its job of helping your sales team sell. However, when it comes to software, "good" is not enough. Your business deserves the best.

The best CRM brings together the right mix of utility and usability. A robust solution that is flexible enough to address the unique needs of all businesses, from SMEs to Enterprises. It should be quick to set up and easy for your sales teams to use, not just for selling, but for building long-lasting and meaningful customer relationships.

What should you look for when choosing the right CRM?

There are numerous CRM solutions on the market today available at different price points, offering businesses a wide range of features. But, which is the right CRM for your business? Let's go over some of the functionalities you should be looking for in the best CRM for your business.

  • Centralizing all your customer information

    One of the biggest obstacles to building strong customer relationships is the lack of a single, holistic view of all your customers. Your CRM should bring together all the information related to a prospect or a contact under one roof and give you a complete picture of their journey with you. This helps you make informed decisions and tailor all your subsequent engagement to nurture your relationships.

  • Adapt to your business

    Every business is different. Your products and services may vary, you may serve different market segments, and could even have sales processes unique to your business. The best CRM is one that doesn't force you to adjust your business process around the CRM, but the CRM is molded to fit your business. It provides the necessary tools to bring more context, help your sales team stay productive, and ultimately close deal effectively.

  • Staying ahead of your needs

    Regardless of whether you're a growing small business or an established enterprise, the scalability of your CRM solution is key. Your CRM must be able to handle growing transactions, additional users, and integrations with 3rd-party applications without any degradation in performance.

  • Works seamlessly with other apps in your ecosystem

    CRM is just one aspect of your business. In any organization, there are often a number of other applications that are put in place to address different aspects of the customer journey. In order for your team to have the complete picture, your CRM should be able to integrate with all your other apps effectively, and push and pull data seamlessly to bring context to every customer interaction.

  • Easy for your team to learn

    To have a successful deployment, you'll want a CRM that is easy for your team to use, while offering the necessary features that you need. Clean UI, intuitive interface, and contextual help ensures that your sales team can understand the ins and outs of the CRM and maximize the benefits. After all, what good is a CRM if your team isn't comfortable using it?

  • Allow teams to sell on the move

    Your field sales team needs a consistent, high level of detail and context on their prospects if you want them to deliver the perfect pitch⁠—even when they're on the move. Having a mobile application for your CRM allows your team to find the important prospects in their area, and access relevant information to close deals effectively on the move.

  • Transparent pricing

    More often than not, vendors advertise their free CRM solutions, but when you start using them, you realize that the features you need are only available in the more expensive editions. You are forced to pay more, and are often strong-armed into multi-year contracts to get the features you need. The true hallmark of good business software is that it shouldn't force you to pay extra with hidden charges and costly add-ons. Make sure that the vendor's complete pricing information is published online and that you are fully aware of what you are going to be paying upfront.

The most trusted CRM software

Constellation ResearchBest Enterprise Software Vendor 2019
PCMag Winner of Business Choice Awards - CRM 2019
G2 Leader - G2 Grid for CRM Winter 2020
Gartner Peer Insights Best Sales Force Automation Software 2019
Software ReviewsLeader - CRM Data Quadrant 2020
GetApp Category Leaders - CRM Software 2019
FinancesOnline Great User Experience Award 2019
Gartner Magic Quadrant Challenger - Sales Force Automation 2019

PCMag's editor's choice CRM

Zoho CRM is designed to support everyone. From SMEs to large enterprises, any business can leverage our customer relationship management solution and its vast array of features to increase sales, improve productivity, and drive revenue.

  • Editor’s Rating
  • Dedicated Document Library
  • Role-Based User Access
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Workflow Automation
  • Integrates with Email Providers
  • Capture Leads from Websites
  • Available API
  • Custom Reports
  • Email Tracking
  • 24-Hour Support
  • Phone Support for Tax Topics
  • User Forums
  • Smart Sales Email Inbox

How does Zoho CRM fare against the competition?

FeaturesBuilt-in AIBuilt-in TelephonyCustomer Journey OrchestrationReal-time notifications for customer interactionCustom PredictionsRecommendationsIntegration with GSuiteBuilt-in Inventory managementSales activity gamification
YesYesYesYesYesYesYesAvailable from the professional editionAvailable from the professional edition
NoNoNoNoAdditional $ (Requires Einstein Analytics)Additional $ (Requires Einstein Analytics)Additional $ (Requires Third-party connectors)NoAdditional $
-NoAdd-onNoNoNoAdditional $ (Requires Third-party connectors)NoNo
-NoNoAdd-on requiredAdditional $ (Requires Dynamics 365 Customer Insights)Additional $ (Requires Dynamics 365 Customer Insights)Additional $ (Requires Third-party connectors)NoNo

How much do you save by choosing Zoho CRM?

Enterprise Edition$35/ user-month / billed annually
Other CRM’sPricingYou saveIn percentage
$ 150$ 11577%
$ 95$ 6063%
$ 65$ 3046%
Enterprise edition$35 / user / month / billed annually
You save
In Percentage
Dynamics 365 for Sales
You save
In Percentage
Sugar CRM
You save
In Percentage

What do you get with Zoho CRM?

You get all the tools necessary to help your business build everlasting customer relationships. Bring in prospects and nurture them. Take them on a personalized journey with your business. Recommend the right products and services to ultimately deliver an experience that will win your business customers for life.

With automation to help you save time and money on repetitive tasks, and a mobile application that helps your team sell on the move, Zoho CRM keeps you notified of all customer interactions in real-time to help you make informed decisions and sell better. All of these features come with no hidden costs or locked-in contracts.

Due to Zoho CRM's easy customization and simple UI, the company was able to make the shift from their legacy software without any hassle. With Zoho's support, data migration from SAGE CRM to Zoho CRM was made easy. Centralized data and workflow alignment allowed the efficient management of contacts and accounts.

When we decided to change, the Zoho team took our Sugar data export, and within hours had it populated into Zoho. We were up and running literally within a day. Customization is much easier than Sugar. Our team finds Zoho easy to use, with a cleaner interface.

We save over 70% per year since switching. When I tell people that we changed CRMs, they're shocked. They think that Salesforce is the only platform on the market that can accommodate the complexity of our business. And that's just not true.

Simon WhiteCo-founder, SquareMeal
Mark GuralPresident,
Alex TolbertFounder, Bernard Health
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