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 Get URL

The get URL Deluge task corresponds to a HTTP GET request. It is normally supported by services to perform read-only operations like fetching data from external websites. By default, it supports websites running in port 80 and 443.


a. To get a simple response with only the response content as String:

<string-variable> = getUrl("<url string>")


<string-variable> - the name of the string variable to hold the response content in string format.
<url string> - the URL to be accessed, for example, ""

b. To pass header information along with GET request, the information need to passed for third argument as map-variable

<map-variable> = getUrl("<url string>",<header map variable>)

header map variable holds the header values.

c. To get a detailed response that returns the response code (http status code) and response content as a key-value pair.

<map-variable> = getUrl("<url string>",false)


<map-variable> - the name of the map variable to hold the response code and response content.
<URL String> - the URL to be accessed, for example, ""


  • The returned response can have a maximum size of 50 mb.
  • You can use the encodeURL() function to encode the url string.

Syntax to get response code and response text


If the reponse text is of type XML, the executeXPath statement can be used to select nodes from the document. If the response text is of type JSON, it can be converted to XML.

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