1. What is a DS file?

DS file known as Deluge Script file, stores the application structure in a text format. It captures all the Fields, Scripts, Forms, Views, Reports, Schedules, Sections and Application Settings.

2. How to get the DS file?

  • Log in to Zoho Creator.
  • Under Personal Apps, click on “Edit” next to any of the listed applications.
  • At the top right, click on Options ->Save as Script.
  • That will download the application structure as a DS file.

This DS file can be used to create a New application. For this,

  • Log in to Zoho Creator and access import ds page
  • Browse the downloaded DS file from the hard disk and click on Open.
  • That will create a new application based on the DS file.

3. How to publish applications to another account?

Applications can be copied from one user account to another. The Source user is the account with the application and Target is the account to copy to.

  • Log in to Account Settings as the target user and in Manage Users tab add the source account’s email address, set user type to Developer.
  • Sign out and sign in to the source account.
  • Go to Developer Zone. If you are not a developer sign up as a developer, it’s free.
  • In the Contribute your apps to Marketplacesection click on Publish Now ->to Clientsnext to the application name.
  • Select the target account and set Publish with Data to Yes and click on Publish Applicationto copy the application.

4.How do I delete an application?

All the applications created by you will be listed in your home page. If you’d like to delete an application,

  • Navigate to your home page.
  • Against each Application name, in the far right corner, a X mark will be displayed.
  • Click on the X mark to delete the application

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