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Understand publish

Publishing components of an application will enable anyone to access it, even if they don't have a Zoho creator account. The application is made of three components:

Forms  -  Forms are the primary component of your application. 

Reports - Reports enables you to rapidly develop and deploy sophisticated reports against any data across your applications.

Pages -  Pages helps put information in various views such as graphs, buttons, panels, forms, reports, and embedded links.

Publishing a component will generate a permalink and an embed code for that specific component. The permalink can be shared with users (they will only be able to access that specific component). The embed code allows the insertion of the Zoho Creator component into an existing webpage. The embed code will be particularly helpful when you only want certain sections of the application to be visible in the website instead of the entire application. Once published, any changes that you make to the component in the Creator application will be reflected in the published version automatically. The appearance of the published component can also be modified to suit your requirements.

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