Publish app components

Publish app components

To publish a component of the application:
  1. Click on the Publish option found under the Users and control section of the Settings page.

  2. The publish page will appear. The page will inform you that no component has been published till now.

    Choose the component to be published from the drop down list. Click Publish.

  3. After publishing, a pop up will be displayed.
    1. Under the Perma link tab, the url for the published component will be displayed. This link can be used by users to directly access the component.

    2. Under the embed code, the code for inserting the component into a existing webpage will be displayed.

    3. Click on Change appearance to make changes to the interface of the published component. After making the changes, click on Save.

      A pop up will request final confirmation. Click Yes.

  4. The published components will now be reflected in the Publish page.

  5. Some changes may have made to the component restrospectively after being published. For this changes to be reflected, click on Republish.

    If republished, the existing perma link and embed code will be replaced with new ones. In the pop up that appears click on Republish.

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