This help page is for users in Creator 5. If you are in the newer version (Creator 6), click here. Know your Creator version.

Introduction to users

As the Owner or Admin of the app, you can add users, define specific permissions to the added users, assign roles to them, and determine how data must be shared. Only the admin will be able to add new users to the application and provide permissions.

A user is a person who can access your application. You can invite users, set permissions, and define roles for users. 

Users - Add users by using their email addresses. You can also bulk import users from a file provided the file belong to the following formats : .csv, .tsv, .xls, and .xlsx. The files must contain the users' email addresses. A developer is a type of user with higher level of access to the app. The developer is hired by the administrator of the app to write code for it.

Permissions - Permissions are a set of rules that govern the accessibility of the application's content for users. Read and Write are the two predefined permissions. Read permission enables the user to read all of the app's components. Write permission enables the user to edit all the components of the app. You can also create custom permissions based on your requirements. Read more

Roles - You can create different types of roles for users based on their position in your organization hierarchy. Read more

Data sharing -Define rules that help you to share data with peers, management, and subordinates. Choose between read only and read/write based on the requirements. Read more.

Change Admin - The app admin will also be listed on the Users page. The admin will be able to choose a user (a shared user or a developer) to be the new admin, following which the existing admin will be made a developer.

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