Configure QuickBooks connection

​Configure QuickBooks connection

  1. Navigate to your Creator home.
  2. Click the Setup icon in the top-right corner of your Home page. You will be taken to your Account Setup page.
  3. Select Connections under Integration.
  4. Click Add Connection.
  5. Select QuickBooks.
  6. Enter a Connection Name to uniquely identify this connection to Quickbooks, then click Authorize:
  7. Enter your QuickBooks account's credentials, then click Sign In. If you're logged in to your QuickBooks account from the current web browser, you'll be directly be taken to step eight.
  8. If there are multiple companies in your QuickBooks account, you'll need to select the one you want to connect with, then click Next. When only one company exists, it will be selected automatically and you'll be directly taken to step nine.
    • You can add multiple Quickbooks connections to your Zoho Creator account, thereby integrating with the data of the required companies in your QuickBooks account.
    • You can also add multiple Quickbooks connections for the same company in your Zoho Creator account.

  9. Click Connect to authorize Zoho Creator to access your Company's data in QuickBooks: 

  10. This QuickBooks connection will be displayed in the Connections page:

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