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Get Data from External Websites


Zoho Creator supports the collection of data from external websites and displays it in an HTML page.The Get Data sample application contains the HTML page that displays data fetched from the Twitter site. Data is fetched from the given url using GetUrl Deluge task.


The Deluge Script for the HTML page is given below.

htmlpage Display_Data_From_Twitter(user_name)
if ((input.user_name == null) || (input.user_name == ""))
input.user_name = "zoho";
returnVal = getUrl(("") + input.user_name);

 Script Explanation

The getURL Deluge task gets the required data from the specified url, using HTTP GET request and returns a detailed response.

returnVal = getUrl(("") + input.user_name);

 Install the Application

To install the application,

  1. Download "Get_Data.ds" file from this link.
  2. Install the application to your account. Click here to learn how to install using the script file (.ds file).

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