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The toFile function takes any content and creates a file object.


  • It is advisable to use file objects from the cloud directly and only in the absence of such means should this task be used.
  • The toFile task is not a utility to create files of desired type. It only helps wrapping up contents inside a file object. So there shall be instances where the file might appear broken or corrupted unless appropriate content is supplied during file creation.
  • The file object would be created in the name of the file along with the extension(if provided).

Return Type

  • FILE


<variable> = <value>.toFile(<file_name>);


ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>FILEVariable which will contain the created file object.

The value that needs to be converted to a file object.

Note: In Zoho Creator, the input value cannot be more than 50 MB.

The value which will represent the file name and its extension.


Imagine that you need to put feedback content provided by a customer into a file object. The toFile function can convert the text into a file with a specified name and extension.

changes = collection();
changes.insert("Provide UI builder");
changes.insert("insert different layouts");
changes.insert("introduce different font families");

file_object = changes.toFile("feedback");
info file_object;                         // This would create a file with the name "feedback" with data included in the collection.

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