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The Deluge task zoho.invoice.createPayment() adds a payment to an invoice, based on the invoiceID specified. The return type will be a map object containing the payment details.

Deluge syntax

<map response> =zoho.invoice.createPayment( <invoiceID>, <paymentDetails>);

<InvoiceID> refers to the ID of the invoice created in Zoho invoice.- Mandatory.
<paymentDetails> is the map variable that holds the key,value pairs. The map key is the column name of the table and the map value is the field value as submitted in the ZC form.
<map-response> refers to the map variable returned by Zoho Invoice as response.

Map Key names in paymentDetails:

Mode - Optional, If not given, 2 will be set. ( 1-> Cheque, 2 -> Cash, 3 -> Bank Transfer, 4 -> Paypal, 5 -> Credit card, 6 -> GoogleCheckOut, 7 -> Applied from Credit, 8 -> Authorize.Net, 9 -> Bank Remittance )
Description - Optional
Date - Optional, If not given todays' date will be taken
Exchange Rate - Optional, If not givem, 1 will be set
Amount - Mandatory.


paymentDetails = { "Mode" : 3, "Description" : "Payment Made", "Date" : zoho.currentdate, "ExchangeRate" : 1, "Amount" : 6 };
invoiceID = 141995000000069069;
resp = zoho.invoice.createPayment(invoiceID, paymentDetails);

Sample Response

{"Description":"PaymentMade","Amount":"6.000","InvoiceID":"141995000000069069","ExchangeRate":"1.000000","Date": "2012-05-15","AmountApplied":"6.000","Mode":"3","PaymentID":"141995000000086053"}

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