Get Pages


This API fetches the meta information of all the pages present in a Zoho Creator application.

OpenAPI Specification

The OpenAPI Specification(OAS) is the most widely used standard for API description and refers to a standard interface for describing REST APIs. Download the OAS for the Get Pages API below:

Request Details

Request URL


Request method



Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf

Key: environment

Value: development/stage

Note: By default, production value will be considered for the environment header.

OAuth scope



base_urlthe base URL of your Creator account
For example, it's if your account belongs to Zoho's US DC, and is if it belongs to Zoho's EU DC.
account_owner_namethe username of the Creator account's owner
app_link_namethe link name of the application from which you want to fetch the form meta information

Possible Errors

Refer to this page for the list of error codes and messages.

Sample Request for Production environment (for C6 users)

Copiedcurl ""
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

This sample request will fetch the meta information of all the pages present in the Zylker Store application.

Sample Request for Development/ Stage environments (for C6 users)

Copiedcurl ""
-H 'Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf'  
-H 'environment: development'

Sample Response

  "code": 3000,
  "pages": [
      "display_name": "Assets Dashboard",
      "link_name": "Asset_Dashboard"
      "display_name": "Home",
      "link_name": "Home_Page"