An online freight forwarder tracks its assets and fleet with Zoho Creator

"Our ground team handles hundreds of orders on a daily basis, and we have 360-degree visibility every single day"

Karteek Narumanchi, Associate Director, Blackbuck

Over 40 types of charts

Pie Chart
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Smooth area
Smooth area markers
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Visualize your data instantly

  • Collect or import data
    Visualize your data instantly
  • Drag and drop fields
    Visualize your data instantly
  • Share in a click
    Visualize your data instantly
  • Export, email, or print
    Visualize your data instantly
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    Visualize your data instantly
Collect or import data
Drag and drop fields
Share in a click
Export, email, or print
Access on any device

Know where your business stands on its most important metrics

Drill into details

With a single click, dive from overview to granular and discover the root cause driving your numbers.

Highlight crucial data

Color-code your reports in a way that's easy for you to interpret; whether by information, date, or task.

Get alerts when key metrics change

React to small changes before they become big issues by setting thresholds within your data.

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Create insightful dashboards for your team

Invite key players to access only the data they need through role-based views.

Enable users to create reports from your data while you retain complete control.

Instantly collaborate with peers on reports using comments.

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