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Zoho Creator lets you adapt to the four most common types of growth, so you can develop apps that scale with your client's business process as it evolves over time. 

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Organizational Growth

In a traditional development process, sharing access to an app based on job roles can be a difficult task in itself, when the number of users involved is huge. This is where the job/profile based sharing feature of Zoho Creator helps. By providing access to the app this way, you can quickly decide who gets to see what.


Functional Growth

Adding modules in most development software involves re-designing the interface, coding new logic, etc. But it's different when you're developing on the Creator platform. Interface changes can be done by just dragging and dropping the pre-built data fields, and coding is made easy by the highly abstracted Deluge language in the product.

Generation Growth

Business software is no stranger to change. Usually, updating an older system involves asking your team to disassemble the app and re-write the code to map it to a new technology framework. When you build business apps with Zoho Creator, you're working with the latest, most updated technology.  Focus on the next development project, while we take care of the infrastructure at the back end.


Load Growth

A growing customer base may require that the server bandwidth is widened, which typically involves setting up new servers online or offline. With Zoho Creator, forget all that and just build apps. Our servers handle the capacity growth, so all you have to do is have your clients subscribe to the correct plan.

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