Digitizing the education registration process with Zoho Creator

Learn how this kindergarten based out of Canada digitized their entire registration process and grew by more than $3 million in annual revenue by building an online database system on Zoho Creator.

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Key benefits

  • Cost savings of up to $30k/year on salary alone

  • Reduction of manual errors

  • Tracking students information effortlessly

  • Automating key processes such as student admission

  • Providing parents with dedicated online portals

"The reason we went to online software is obvious. Today, there's a lot more ready-to-go, out-of-the-package software available. We've had a look at them, and we still have not found anything like Zoho Creator. Nothing matches the flexibility that this custom piece of software does."

Admin Director

Admin Director

Private Montessori School

Their digital foray using Zoho Creator

This private kindergarten in Calgary, Alberta offers a Montessori curriculum to provide executive-quality early learning experiences for young children, with a variety of early education programs for children aged 8 months to 6 years.

They handled their admission and registration processes and stored the student information manually on paper, leading to various human errors involving lost files and information, and other issues. They were looking for an online database system for their registration process when they came across Zoho Creator.

With Zoho Creator, they built an online customer portal for their registration process, with more than 500+ parents regularly accessing the portal. The registration app is now essential in their day-to-day operations because it allows new parents to register, making it a critical component of their admission system. The school no longer has to depend on administrators to find student information in case of emergencies or when they need to call home—now a quick search on the app will do the job.

Explore how this educational institution kick-started their digital journey with Zoho Creator

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