Great news for those who share Zoho Creator apps with multiple people. On the Enterprise Plan, you can now provide access to specific data only to the people you choose. Assign and control access permission to any information in the application, down to every record & field.

Safely share reports or forms

Share your app with internal teams, customers, partners or resellers. Signed-into the same app each of them will only view/edit the data that they are authorized to. With user roles & profile settings, users can view or work with the whole application or only the reports or forms you chose to show.

User Role Creation

Record-Level Security

You can set the access permission for every field in the form or record in the report. Simply create roles, decide what users will be allowed to see and assign them to the roles created. Choose exactly what they see, what they can edit or delete in any application. Zoho Creator offers user authentication and security for all the information on the app.

Record level Permission 

Take an inventory management application, for example. You want the Senior Manager to see the custom dashboard with monthly report of orders fulfilled, quarter on quarter revenue numbers etc. In the same application, the dispatch team can view and update the dispatch related information. Your store manager can order an item or edit the order requests. And you could enable all the vendors to check out the information pertaining to them without access to other data or reports through a customer portal.

Managing the data set that each user or group of users can view/modify not just impacts data security but makes data sharing and access convenient.

To manage the data access permissions for your Enterprise Plan, click here


    in my application settings, (user & permissions) is not visible.

  2. Antoine Andari

    I have an enterprise license for zoho creator, but I do not see the option “Users & Permissions” in my application settings, nor do I see “Translation”. I have only General, Share, Customer Portal, Customize & Settings.

    Is there any setting that has to be turned on else where??


  3. Mark

    When will these features be available on existing accounts?

  4. Victor Watson

    I have an enterprise account. Why can I not access this new functionality?

  5. Justin Viele

    I would like to test out the new features, but I do not see them in my apps? I am on the enterprise version. Is there something I need to do?