Comprehensive approval management software—the fastest way to get ideas working

Sometimes, one flash of genius is all it takes to bring about a breakthrough. However, even the most brilliant ideas can go up in smoke if they don't reach the right eyes. This approval management software gives employees a stage to showcase their ideas and get them reviewed by their superiors, paving the way for speedy execution.

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Jot down ideas

Articulate ideas by writing them down. Employees can go into as much detail as they want, and include illustrations, citations, and links to support their ideas. They can also view all the ideas they've come up with in the past on a detailed dashboard.

Expedite the review process

Cut the waiting time and back-and-forth emails—approve or reject ideas at the click of a button. When an idea is approved, it automatically gets sent to the next person up the chain, for their opinion.

Track the idea's evolution

Want to know if an idea has passed the test? View the status of ideas—approved, pending approval, or rejected—in reports that are personalized for every employee using our approval management software.

Democratize decision-making

Has a manager come up with an idea that could double your profits? Or is the CEO's suggestion to make lunch carb-free an unpalatable one? Employees can vote on ideas put forward by their superiors and have a say in the decisions.

More flexibility. More power.



Our approval management software is fully customizable, right out of the box. The drag-and-drop form builder, with guided scripting feature, allows you to add new functionality to your apps quickly. You can add modules to suit business requirements and implement changes driven by user feedback.


Go mobile

To accompany every app you build on a computer, there's a fully optimized native one waiting for you on your smartphone. Enjoy all of your approval management app's features, from any location, on any device. You get limitless business functionality at your fingertips, all on the go.



Zoho Creator offers a wide range of prebuilt integrations, such as Workspace, Zapier, and Salesforce, making it easy for you to integrate your approval management app with them. You can also integrate with online payment systems like PayPal, or inventory management software like SalesBinder, using APIs.

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